2023: Come Up WITH Revolutionary Ideas To Change Cause Of things In C’ River, Sen Onor Charges Youths


By Judex Okoro, Calabar

Cross River governorship candidate of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Sen. Sandy Onor, has called on the youths to come up with revolutionary ideas to change the cause of things in the ahead of 2023 in the state.

Speaking at PDP Town Hall meeting of major youth stakeholders and leaders of support groups organized by WANBONEH group and held in Calabar on Friday, Onor, representing Cross River senatorial district, said the youths, with a lot of energy, have a say in the state and that is why he made a forty-one year-old lady as his deputy governor.

He disclosed that those who have ruled the state in the past were in their youthful age and urged them not to be allow selfish politicians to manipulate their youthful energy, adding that life is full of vicissitudes but with purpose and determination they can conquer.

He said: “I have worked with youths and believe in youthful energy because as a youth I was a party chairman. But look at my age and so things must change. I am not going to lead Cross Riverians astray. I would tell you the truth and be practical with ourselves by returning to our land and harvest the nature’s gift.

“It is high time youths stopped being manipulated by those who don’t have their interest at heart and should neither listen to people who manipulate their energy to achieve a purpose and later dump them, promising to empower them in practical terms once he is elected in 2023 and not on the food-on-the-table agenda.”

On the issue of back-to-south zoning arrangement, he said: “The issue of zoning was too emotional thereby undermining the mission of our struggle. Besides, the party primaries were too competitive and everybody who came was a quality material to be toyed with. So, let us try and put beyond the acrimonies of yesterday. I love back-to-back to south movement because it has its own energy. I have worked for the south before those clamouring now.

“I was the chairman of the defunct Democratic Party of Nigeria (DPN) as a youth and I supported southern candidates. So, we should shun ethnic politics to move the state forward because we are in a mess. When I win, I would be blind to ethnicity. I believe in quality as long as you can add value to the government.

“In the history of the state, nobody has dominated one another neither any group has. So, why are people trying to divide us because we have commonalities? For now, we should look at competing fiercely and favourably with whosoever APC brings. And now is the time for PDP youths to rise to the occasion. Therefore, I caution the youths against engaging in anti-party because it does not help anyone and it is a smack of hypocrisy and witchcraftcy.”

Earlier in his welcome address, the National Leader of WANBONEH, Comrade Asu Abang, said the stakeholders’ meeting was organized as part of healing processes among the youths and see how they can come together to deliver the PDP candidates across board.

Abang said: “We wanted to seat together and discuss some issues that arose from the primaries across the state. As stakeholders, the youths have significant roles to play ahead of 2023. We know some youths are angry over the non-realisation of back-to-south arrangement in terms of the governorship.

“However, now that we have chosen who leads us at all levels, it is imperative all the youths speak in unison and move into the field and mobilise the electorate for PDP because when we win, all us would be better for it. This is not the time for blame-game as we must come out with zeal and determination to reclaim the state from APC.”



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