Agba Jalingo Commences Operation Rescue And Repair Ogoja Magistrate Court 2.

Following the turn of events that beclouds Ogoja Magistrate Court 2, Agba Jalingo has commenced mobilization for donation to repair the abandoned court, codenamed ‘Operation Rescue And Repair Ogoja Magistrate Court 2’.

Agba asked a rhetoric question, ‘How Much Can You Donate?’

“I wish to start by saying, I congratulate Hon. Peter Odey, for promptly cooperating with public outcry and stopping work at the premises of the Ogoja Magistrate Court 2. He did that even before the court injunction was issued by the High Court, Ogoja division. I think also that another piece of land should be allocated to Hon. Peter Odey to build his house.

“Having said that, it is now public knowledge that the court room has been abandoned for over 25 years and anytime any court is closed, it is the common man that suffers the most. There is a reason courts are referred to as ‘the last hope of the common man.’ Courts provide a forum to resolve disputes and help to guarantee our rights to equal protection and due process under the law. Courts exist so that the equality of individuals and the state is reality rather than empty rhetoric. So closing a court room down for 25 years is a lot of disservice to the common man.

“It is therefore, now time, to recover the Ogoja Magistrate 2 premises, in words and indeed, and return it to a habitable state so that the Magistrate in charge can resume sitting in his court and stop sharing the same court room with the Magistrate in court 1. It is the people’s court. Not government court. Like Police Stations, courts belong to the people. They are the temples of Justice.

“From preliminary findings, N1,500,000 (One Million Five Hundred Thousand Naira), can return the courtroom to where the Magistrate can resume sitting and hear cases.

“We can join forces and contribute to achieve this goal in no time. It will be a real test of our commitment to collectively grow democracy and our communities. I am sure it will be something we will be proud we did, when we finally see pictures and videos of the Magistrate sitting in the courtroom renovated by “we the people.”

“If you are interested in contributing to raising N1.5million for the repairs and light furnishing of Ogoja Magistrate Court 2, kindly indicate your interest and a means of payment will be communicated. Be rest assured that all contributions, including the last penny shall be dedicated to this project only, through direct labour and account shall also be rendered publicly”.

Yours sincerely,
Citizen Agba Jalingo.


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