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9th August 2022.

Press Statement:


Our attention has been drawn to a scathing and vitriolic comment credited to Amb. Soni Abang, the factional Director General of one of the many APC Gubernatorial Candidates in Cross River State, wherein Amb. Soni Abang, mischievously insinuated that the Peoples Democratic Party is coming into the 2023 elections with a very heavy moral baggage as a result of the Gubernatorial Candidate of the PDP coming from the Central Senatorial District.

In a bid to score cheap Political point and whip up ethnocentric sentiment, Amb. Soni Abang who just returned from political sabbatical threw caution to the wind and spoke disparagingly about the PDP, the same Political Party that gave him the platform to become who he is.
Abang as erstwhile chairman was the most dictatorial and undemocratic in the history of party politics in Nigeria. The same Abang who is today talking about brotherliness and natural justice, fought against His Excellency, Senator Liyel Imoke and nearly truncated Imoke’s 8years tenure as Governor. So, where’s the brotherliness?

As Amb. Soni Abang appears to be recovering from the rude shock that visited him following his loss of favour with Senator Liyel Imoke since his ignominious ambassadorial posting to the Republic of Chad, that sent him on Political exile, we would love to ask him what he negotiated for the Six Local Government Areas of Central SenatoriaI District where he comes from, as someone interested in Political inclusiveness. Where is the equitable distribution of offices in his beloved APC, when the Senatorial District with a sitting Governor is still imposing a deputy Governorship Candidate on his party for the sole purpose of shoring up his failed bid to return to the Senate, an ambition that he can see clearly is bedeviled with bad omens indicating that it is already stillborn.

If we may ask, why is Ambassador Soni Abang working tirelessly to give his younger brother the ticket of the PDP to contest the Federal House of Representative seat of his Constituency Ikom/Boki, instead of his party the APC, if he considers the APC a just and preferred platform?
Maybe the APC needs to interrogate these inconsistencies of a pretentious returnee Political gangster with the reputation of trading only on electoral goods.

Ordinarily, we would have chosen to remain calm and let the tantrums thrown at us slide but for the sake of clarity and emphasis, we wish to reiterate that we are not interested in playing the Politics of ethnocentric agitation. We have, for the umpteenth time, reminded Cross Riverians that while others are preaching ethnicity, we are preaching unity and oneness, hence our philosophy of Back To Us.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is on record that the Peoples Democratic Party Cross River State carried out the most transparent, free and fair primaries in the history of our state, unlike the APC where a group of persons sat down over some bottles of alcohol, drank themselves to stupor and unilaterally forced other aspirants to step down for the preferred Candidate of a cabalistic few, even against the interest of their party faithfuls, which has led to series of litigations.

We are bemused that the APC can muster the effrontery to talk about moral baggage against the PDP. What can be more burdensome than the fact that APC handpicked all its Candidates in an unjust and unfair manner. What can be more burdensome than the fact that the APC took both their Gubernatorial and Senatorial ticket in the South to one Local Government Area, while excluding the other six Local Government Areas. What can be more disturbing than the fact that the APC in a bid to fruitlessly safeguard the Governor’s already embattled Senatorial ambition, took the position of the Deputy Governorship Candidate of their Party to the Northern Senatorial District. Where is the justice and fairness Amb. Soni Abang is sanctimoniously trying to preach when a particular Local Government Area occupies the Governorship seat, Ministerial seat and currently battling to lay claim to the Senatorial ticket of the Northern Senatorial District. What happens to other Local Government Areas in the North and Central Senatorial District?

While we do not wish to involve ourselves in the malicious diversionary Political antics of the APC, we enjoin them to prepare themselves and meet us in the field as we are confident that the good people of Cross River State are eagerly waiting to vote them out and reclaim our dear state.


Prince Mike Ojisi
State publicity Secretary.


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