Ayu A Bad Manager, His Arrogance Caused PDP Loss, He Should Go BY LARE OLAYINKA 

Ayu A Bad Manager, His Arrogance Caused PDP Loss, He Should Go

March 1, 2023

Today, I am pained, so pained. I am pained because once again, my party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has lost yet, another opportunity to return to power.

I am most pained because the same people who wrecked the PDP in 2015, have finally decimated the party owing to their arrogance.

Zone the presidency to the South in accordance with the principle power rotation as enshrined in the PDP constitution, they refused obviously because of their desire to satisfy the ambition of a single individual.

Reach out to those who were aggrieved and bring everyone on board, they refused because they believed that they had assurance from certain quarters that electoral victory will be awarded to them even before the election.

Rather than stooping to conquer by giving concessions, including sacrificing their positions so that everyone can be brought together to face the elections, almighty National Chairman, Senator Dr Chief Iyorchia Ayu and his cohorts were acting like they already had results of the presidential election in their pockets.

They were telling everybody, including those who have stood solidly with the party to go to hell!

Now that the reality of a bad and arrogant manager beckons on the PDP, who will join in the cry? Those they said meant nothing or those they already pencilled down to be dealt with by the Atiku presidency?

Sad that some the people who went to APC in 2015 and caused PDP to lose power came back to the party and acted so arrogantly to cause it another defeat in an election it could have won so easily.

With results of the election, now imagine Peter Obi and Musa Kwankanso in the PDP. Imagine Peter Obi as the Presidential Candidate and Kwankanso as his running mate.

Imagine votes from Rivers, Oyo, Benue, Enugu and Abia States adding to the PDP votes.

Now that arrogant Ayu and his cohorts in the National Working Committee (NWC) have wrecked the PDP, methinks that by now, they should be at the National Secretariat of the party, packing their personal belongings.

They are bad managers and they must all go!

It is only a bad manager of a political party that will embark on suspension and expulsion of party candidates few days to elections.

It is only a bad and arrogant manager of a political party like Ayu that will call State Governors who made him chairman of the party children.

Therefore, for us, we will not sit back and allow a rudderless NWC led by a man who sees himself as above every other person and run the affairs of the party like his family business to continue.

We will not keep silent and allow a man who runs the affairs of the party like his family business, with even his children insulting critical stakeholders of the party to continue.

Arrogant Ayu and his NWC must go!


Lere Olayinka
PDP House of Reps Candidate
Ekiti Central Federal Constituency 2


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