Bishop Akpan Admonishes Nigerian Leaders To Acquire Wealth Legitimately And Not Through Fraud

By Elijah UganiĀ 

The Local Ordinary and Catholic Bishop of Ogoja Diocese, the Most Rev Donatus Akpan, has admonished Nigerian leaders to acquire their wealth through legitimate means and not by fraud.

Bishop Akpan gave the adminition during a thanksgiving mass in honor of Sen Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe, senator representing Cross River Northern Senatorial District, held today Easter Sunday, March 31st 2024.

In his words “Acquire your wealth legitimately and not through fraud. If you occupy any office and you have influence over your people, make truth your watchword and when your people realize it, they will respect you. Those who don’t like the truth, will run away.
Truth is what is lacking in our country today.

“I know in politics, number matters. When majority runs away because of your truth, don’t give up”.

The Bishop admonished Christians to be heavenly conscious when he said “Set your eyes in things that are above and not on things that are on earth.

“On this Easter morning when the Lord rose triumphantly from the grave. We are gathered to celebrate because he has overcome death and grace. Since we are united with him, we are over-comers. It is true that he has risen testified by those who are closed to him and he has ordered them to announce it to the world. The women were there, they saw what they couldn’t understand. The ran to the brethren that the corpse of their master was missing. They went and confirmed it.

“When Jesus was with them, preaching the gospel, he told them that the son of man was going to be crucified and will rise again, but they couldn’t believe him. Today Jesus is alive. All of us have died with him. And have risen with him. He now admonished us to announce this gospel to all ends of the earth.

“We must not allow the things of this world to prevent us from living the life of Christ and the example thereof. He is the truth and we have to bare witnesses to the truth. As christians, if we find problem with the truth, then we have to find a way to our identity. If we are united with Jesus, we have to know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

“We who have chosen Christ as our portion must know the truth and stand by it. When we speak the truth, certain people will not like it, never you mind, as far as the truth is pleasing to your master.

“I know in politics, number matters. When majority runs away because of your truth, don’t give up”.

Referring to the celebrant, Sen Jarigbe the Bishop said “My dear son and brother, Jarigbe, God wants you to witness among your people. He has given you this exalted office to test you and see how you could use it to the good of the common people.

“So far, I have been hearing people say that you’re a human being. If the voice of the people which is the voice of God said that you are a real human being, please keep it up”.

Bishop Akpan used the opportunity to charge the congregation to continue to pray for Sen Jarigbe Agom as he provide the representation needed of him.


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