Chief Obono Obla Was There For All And Sundry While He Was In Office BY EMMANUEL OCHUGBOJU


I recall he pointedly asked me where I wanted to serve, whether in the Federal or State. He was that gracious. For me the gesture of offering to assist is uncommon. Usually, a friend in power as they say is a friend lost. Chief OOO Obla was accessible and helpful.

On the occasion of his birthday a few years ago….by the way it is his birthday today…more reasons we should be in solidarity with him.

Still on that Obono Oblas birthday party. He was overwhelmed by friends. His lovely wife noticed I couldn’t get his attention. She walked into a group that had been holding his attention. She excused them politely, asked to see her husband privately, and brought him to the table where I was sitting alone.

I complimented Obono Obla on the safari-styled attire he was wearing, looking a shade like Chairman Mao. He asked if I liked it. I honestly said of course. He waved at a gentleman in the crowd. The fresh-faced young man came to our table. He asked the man if he knew me. We both looked at ourselves. No recollection. He told the young man that’s Manni Ochugboju your brother from Idoma land. Now, go take his dress measurements and make two beautiful outfits like the one I am wearing for him. Waaaoo. On his birthday, he was giving me a gift instead of the other way around.

To keep my solidarity salute with Chief OOO Obla brief, I will mention one last professional and nationalistic support he rendered me.

I have been struggling with aspects of the Late Chief Anthony Enahoros’s brief for over a decade. Obono Obla suggested we work on the post-humous Amnesty or Presidential Pardon for him. Well, some of the issues are in the public domain so no breach of client confidentiality here. Obono Obla guided us diligently and appropriately. And, to the Glory of God, President Buhari declared amnesty or Presidential Pardon for Chief Anthony Enahoro.

Chief Okoi Ofem Obono Obla have a wonderful birthday ????????????
By Barrister Emmanuel Ochugboju


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