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Professor Zana Akpagu a highly revered technocrat, seasoned administrator, refined academician, astute politician and a community mobilizer front lining worthy causes that are pro people in stints as a public servant .

Possessing an intimidating profile, credentials and score card are the most sought after qualities by the electorate as such, Zana Akpagu can’t lose sleep over pockets of blackmail on social media to score cheap political points.

We are indeed charged with the new spirit of heightened political atmosphere which is assuming a different dimension daily. The citizenry appears to be more politically enlightened with the resultant ownership of our electoral processes than smear campaign.

In the light of emerging trends which seek performance and people oriented representation, there seem to be a classical departure from the mundane and usual way of imposition of candidates on the electorates.

With this, the build up to the bye- election in Cross River North Senatorial District has further strengthened our political machinations which has remarkably engineered the power and strength of “Operation Show Your Score Card”

As activities geared towards clinching the APC ticket for the forthcoming bye-election, Prof. Zana Akpagu having served at different strata of leadership meritoriously.

Presents electorate with the ability to align with a core progressive with verifiable achievements that evinced every achievements of all the aspirants across political parties in the hunt for the vacant senate seat is indeed causing ripples amongst some persons obviously scared of the towering credentials of professor Akpagu.

Having felt the echoes of unparalleled developmental strides that has become household chants in Cross River North, across the state and country.

Some aspirants seeking to fly the APC kite in the forthcoming Senate poll in a quicksand tactics that is dead on arrival are already jittery and disillusioned having lost a sense of direction.

This is a manifestation of a tactless blue print, in the face of little or near absence of tract records to convince the electorates hinged on selfish gains.

In spite of this insipid approach, Prof. Zana Akpagu and his supporters will continue to run issue based campaign and engagements without recourse to joining issues with any aspirants, group of aspirants or their supporters to malign any person(s), aspirant(s).

We call on our teaming supporters to remain calm in the face of this brazen campaign of calumny targeting at the huge political following so far experienced with the deceptive intent to dent the goodwill of the most celebrated aspirant of the All Progressives Congress.

The fear and the intimidation associated with the breeze that is blowing across the 54 wards has traumatized some aspirants who now resort to tales in anticipation of the party’s ticket.

The speculation that the party’s stakeholders have resolved to unanimously hand over the ticket to Joe Agi (SAN) as written by a certain purveyor of Fake news “Iwara Ofem Iwara” published on his Facebook wall remains a figment of the writer’s imagination and does not in any way represent the interest of our collective resolved to chat a new narrative for Northern Senatorial District.

We insist and call on any person with a contrary view to challenge us with facts that Prof. Zana Akpagu is the sole aspirant in the APC that can win the bye election for the party.

Z – Media

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