Hilda’s Win Should Be A Source Of Motivation, Stop The Comparison, If You Should Compare, Then Compare The Women In Your Life And How You Can Help Them Get Better BY SANDRA MICHAEL

Frankly, everyone needs a good support system and friend, this man right here emerged in almost all of Hilda’s pictures and videos, when she was tired, he held her and pat her back, he gave her strength each time by encouraging her and speaking to her.

Hilda Bacci’s assistant is also a champ and just the type of friend everyone deserves. ✨😍🙇‍♂️

You won’t even have someone this close to you if you are not good enough and kind, some of us can’t even keep friends closely for six months, or build a good relationship for three months, a little misunderstanding and we call it a quit!

Again is this set of men who have started condemning women online comparing their cooking skills to our new champ 🙁😂.

This is not the juncture for comparison oh, a woman has won and it is a win-win for all, it’s about time you build up your girl child and help nurture those hidden talents in the women in your life.

some of our fathers won’t even train their girl child in school or allow them to get a skill, they pushed them into early marriage even before they wrote waec.

Hilda’s win should be a source of motivation, stop the comparison, if you should compare, then compare the women in your life and how you can help them get better, there is more to being a woman.

It’s not just about cooking, I see determination, strength, resilience, a praying mother, strong assistants, motivation, and opportunity, I see the African woman, and Nigerian women in particular being refined and redefined she has challenged everyone.

I see how strong a woman is, she’s more than just a help mate and can do anything just to get to where she aims, she can’t do it alone, she needs backing and love.

imagine if the crowd was not there and the online and offline love was not coming through?

I can’t forget participating in a debate in my secondary school on the topic that women’s education ends in the kitchen😖🙇‍♂️, today someone is making so much wave and is been celebrated from the kitchen.

I tell you, you can’t even define a woman’s worth enough!

A woman is phenomenal

And before I forget, cooking is a survival skill and not solely a woman’s duty, abi your girlfriend cooks for you in school? y’all talk a lot online, wait till you travel outside, and by the time you buy food in Africa stores out there twice, your brain will tell you to learn cooking, you will cook from youtube and end up cooking something only you will cook and not vomit 🤣.

Sandra Micheal ✍️


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