Hon. Mike Etaba’s 3rd Term Ambition: Hope His Excellency Is Aware? – BY UMEZULIKE DESMOND-CRUZ

I had elected not to start the new year discussing Politics, especially as it concern my immediate Constituency, Obubra/Etung Federal Constituency, but I feel constrained as a matter of utmost importance and urgency to draw the attention of His Excellency, the Governor, to an imminent political kamikaze, should he decide to handle the issue of Obubra/Etung Federal Constituency with kid’s glove.

Aware that -barring any last minute change and unforeseen circumstance- the Governor, reportedly, has settled in his heart to compensate Rt. Hon. Mike Etaba with a 3rd Term Ticket, as a way of repaying him for his loyalty and refusal to remain in PDP, despite all entreaties and alluring enticement made to him by PDP bigwigs. Knowing the Governor for who he is, I am obviously not surprise that the Governor is allegedly keen on reciprocating Rt. Hon. Mike Etaba’s loyalty to him, with a 3rd ticket, as the Governor has a nice penchant for rewarding not a few that have remain loyal to him. Some of the samplers to underscore my assertion includes, but not limited to, the Governor’ support for Chief Barr. Alphonsus Eba (Okadigbo) emergence as APC Chairman-elect, his unflinching Support to Dr. Steve Odey- who obviously holds the Guinness book of records as one of the most loyal ally of the Governor. Moreso, is his commitment to ensuring that Rt. Hon. Legor Idagbor returns to the green chambers for the 3rd time and his rumoured commitment to settle some of his A-list Commissioners and Chairmen with juicy House of Reps and House of Assembly tickets.

Without equivocation, I honestly do admire the Governor’s sense of commitment to rewarding loyalty and I pray to have a friend like him who can readily reward loyalty and respect friendship. But while this gesture may appear applaudable, methinks that the Governor needs to be more circumspect in throwing his weight behind some persons, as such may amount to political suicide.

Is the Governor aware that the Politics of 2023, belongs to the masses and as such, must support only aspirants with grassroot appeal? Performance-wise and realistically speaking, I honestly do think that Rt. Hon. Mike Etaba does not deserve a 3rd term. Unlike, his counterpart, Rt. Hon Legor Idagbor, who is also gunning for a 3rd term, Mike Etaba has performed abysmally and elusively in the House of Reps. He has no grassroot appeal and has lost touch with the people whose mandate he enjoys. As a way of saving face, he hurriedly coupled few abandoned cars and “dashed” them to selected APC Leaders in Obubra/Etung Federal Constituency as Empowerment Scheme. As at the time of writing this article, I can authoritatively confirm that some of the cars used for Empowerment are currently languishing in Mechanic workshops and the beneficiaries of the Empowerment Scheme are obviously not happy. Isn’t it insulting that after enjoying close to 7years in the National Assembly, all we can boast of as empowerment Scheme is the gifting of rickety, dangerous-looking, push and Start Buses and Motorcycles.

I hope the Governor is also aware that in 2019, the people of Obubra/Etung Federal Constituency voted against Mike Etaba? To put it in better perspective, Mike Etaba lost the election apparently, but was smuggled back into the House through the instrumentality of the Governor. I hope His Excellency is aware that the people of Obubra/Etung Federal Constituency are determine to resist any attempt to foist Rt. Hon. Mike Etaba on the people again, as once beaten, twice shy.

Lastly, I hope His Excellency Is aware that he will be having too many battles in his hands to win come 2023, and the best way to ease the job is to support a candidate that can garner massive support from the grassroot and then concretize it with the blessing and goodwill of the Governor, and Rt. Hon. Mike Etaba is obviously not that Candidate.

While, I anticipate that His Excellency takes an introspective consideration of the concerns raised herein, I wish to suggest that the Governor go to war in 2023, with Generals and Veterans of Political Wars and not Politicians waiting to be spoon-feed as the Politics of 2023, will not be business as usual. Every Political Party is expected to field in her best and Obubra/Etung Federal Constituency shouldn’t be an exception.

God bless Cross River State.


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article is strictly that of the author, UMEZULIKE DESMOND-CRUZ, and does not represent TheLumineNews or the organization the author works for.


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