PDP Primaries: FBI Calls On Jarigbe Agom To Reconcile Aggrieved Members

A right lawyer and one of the counsels to Sen Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe, Mr First Baba Isa Esq has called on the senator to speedily reconcile parties that are aggrieved following the outcome of the just concluded PDP primaries for Ogoja/Yala federal constituency bye-election slated for Feb 26th, 2022.

Mr Isa made the call on his verified Facebook account:

“I would have been seriously surprised if Senator Jarigbe Agom is not blamed for one thing or the other in the just concluded PDP primaries to elect its candidate for the upcoming by-election for the Ogoja/Yala Federal Constituency.

‘My Learned Friend, Barr Offiono lost the primaries, it’s Jarigbe’s fault; if Mike Usibe had lost the elections, it would have been Jarigbe’s fault. Both of them were his key supporters in his battle for the Senate seat. Both of them expected his support and it will be assumed that any one who won was the one who got the support.

“That’s my constituency too and as one of Jarigbe’s lawyers and supporters, if I had contested that primaries and lost, I and my supporters would have blamed the Senator. It is what it is. If you don’t get it, forget about it. There is nothing the Senator can do about it. That’s the price of being the leader of the party, especially in that constituency.

“But I really want us to get it, because there is a positive side to blaming the Senator. That people blame him for their loss and assume he supported the winner to win is evidence that they believe in his leadership and capacity to lead and deliver. The conclusion is that he has all it takes to influence the emergence of a winner. The Senator should see this as a positive, get inspired and motivated by it.

“It’s time for the Senator to lead the charge in reconciling his supporters at that level. That’s a task he must undertake immediately. The Senator or any other person should not just focus on explaining how neutral the Senator was. Those who do not want to believe this, won’t.

“This challenge is not just for the Senator, it is for his followers too: for Goffio and his supporters who are supporters and aides to the Senator. We are about to see how strong their unity is, in the face of disagreement.

“I write this because of my projections a few days ago. I had projected that if PDP fields a candidate from Ukelle to run against an APC candidate from Yala, PDP will win the elections, ceterius paribus. However, I must submit that this projection might not be possible with the present rancour in PDP.

“APC seems more united at the moment; and no one has ever won a battle against unity.

“By Firsts Baba Isa (FBI)”


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