That Fake Communique From The So Called Southern And Northern Leaders Of Thought


If not that in Nigerian politics one must respond to every barking dog, including the ones that are afflicted with rabies and canine influenza, there should have been no reason to ingratiate this flimsy piece of vomitus with this response that it does not by all means merit, in proper consideration of the substance and personages involved.

But we must respond in other that innocent citizens of our dear state are saved the great peril of believing that the real man inside the mask is a member of the dancing troupe, not knowing that the fellow is merely a wayfarer that lost his bearing long before harmattan came and made his feet white and scaly. This response is therefore a social service to save the innocent from believing the guilty.

To begin with, there was no meeting of Northern and Southern political leaders anywhere in the world on the 2nd of March, 2023, neither physical nor digital, nothing. No venue, no signatures, no truth. Secondly, there were no elected political office holders from the North mentioned at the fantom meeting. Not one! Just a continuation of the regime of lying and blindfolding that has crippled our dear state, misled our vibrant youth and made our corporate name a laughing stock throughout the federal republic.

The people purported to have been at the imaginary meeting who are said to have signed the communique are quite frankly what one may safely describe as politically irrelevant as at today, even if you may admit that some of them may have held some kind of sway in time past, who unfortunately have detoriotated into the inelegant toga of food-on-the-table politicians.

This assortment of have-beens, ethnic jingoists and ex-convicts clearly do not and cannot have the mandate of the people for whom they are posturing to speak. They are people who have condoned mediocrity and criminality in exchange for a mess of potage. For almost eight years they have watched the most brazen and dastardly attack on our commonality, our heritage and our common patrimony without so much of a righteous wimper or indignation. They represent no one in the South and certainly no one in the North. What they represent, to say the truth, is the length of their throats and the depth of their stomachs. It is the quest for more free food and unmerited patronage that spurs them on.

We in the People’s Democratic Party are not surprised at their latest tantrums because we understand their fears. They have calculated correctly that the coming election will be different from the last one where they where allowed to rig freely without counter measures on the part of our party. They are also afrighted by the gale of adoptions by various interest groups including the PFN and 10 other parties who have seen that the candidate of the PDP is the only one with the vision, workplan and moral standing that can return Cross River State to the path of honour and prosperity.

The Calabar-Ogoja-Accord has served its purpose and all three Senatorial Zones of the state have had their chance to lead the state or to ruin it. What we need today is a leader with the vision to heal Cross River from the rape and devastation it has endured and move it quickly forward to where it ought to be and not pieces of paper from food eaters who’s silent acquersence and duplicitous relationship with Ayade’s government helped the heist to pull through. Thank God the masses of our people know better and have chosen to cast their lot for Senator Sandy Ojang Onor come March 18,2023.



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