We Will Work With You To Delineate Bakassi When We Take Over Government – Sandy Onor

By Elijah UganiĀ 

The gubernatorial candidate of the People’s Democratic Party PDP, Sen Sandy Onor has assured the people of Bakassi that his government will work with them to delineate Bakassi if elected.

Sen Onor made the remarks while responding to some challenges raised by the Bakassi people during a consultative meeting with stakeholders as part of activities for the party statewide campaign at Ekpirikang.

In his words “We will ensure that proper delienation is done with your support to separate Bakassi from Akpabuyo, as you vote massively to vote for us.

“Inspite of the challenge of multiple kidnappings, you still find time to be here. Thank you very much.
We will never undermine the role of Bakassi in our electoral process in the state. We want to see you mobilize your people to come out and vote for our party. We want to see the votes. We will make you number one if your votes make you number one.

“What is due women will be given to women. We have no intent to play with the development of women.
The women are the most mobilized segment of this campaign. We will ensure that we put together policies that will empower women.

“I don’t understand why a man in his 60s will want to run for councilors. When we take over government, we will ensure that create a system for young to learn and grow in leadership.
I don’t understand why Bakassi local government should not be functional here. As we take over office and constitute local government, your Chairman of council and all councilors will function from here.

“As we get to office, we will review the stipends of traditional rulers. We will put together policies that will genuinely make young people to be reliance.
Civil servants are groaning, teachers are suffering, local government system is suffering. Please talk to your people, let them vote for us.

“When I listen to Prince Bassey Otu, say, he will consolidate on what Ayade has done, I wonder if he will consolidate on the garbages on the streets of Calabar or the failed and abandoned deep sea port. Ayade does not want to continue what others started, what he started, he does not complete.

“You cannot bring anybody who is entangled in the cobweb of Ayade to run this state. We cannot afford to play the politics of ethnicity. From the way Prince Otu is sounding, he doesn’t have the impetus to salvage this state. Let’s build on the things that unite us and not on the things that divides us.

“Donald ran his government based on competence and not ethnicity. When I was Chairman of Etung Local Government Council, Donald Duke came to Etung to commission projects. I was commissioner for Agriculture and Environment. I was Chairman of Local Government Service Commission, and now senator of federal republic. When they come, let them put out their CV and compare it with Sandy’s own. We have the experience and we will deliver, please vote for us”.

Earlier, stakeholders took turns and enumerated their challenges to the gubernatorial candidate while pledging their support to reclaim Cross River State.

Speaking on behalf of the elders and men, Dr Joseph Bassey, averred that “Bakassi have about 14,000 votes in the mainland and about 9,000 from the riverian area which counted for Akpabuyo. Following the ceding of Bakassi, we have always have the problem of integrating the bakassi from the riverians area.

“Despite the ICJ judgement, INEC has refused to delineate Bakassi. We appeal to you to help us delineate Bakassi”.

Representing the youth, Pastor Enoch Otu, decried the high level of insecurity in Bakassi and called on Sen Onor to step in if elected governor. “The high level of insecurity in Bakassi is caused by joblessness of the youths. We hardly sleep with our two eyes closed. A lot of our youths have relocated to Calabar.
APC had nothing to tell us, they have disappointed us. We are waiting for them. The Chairman, Vice Chair and councilors have ran away from Bakassi because of kidnapping. We appeal to you to return peace to us.

“The youths are coordinated, the problem is that they don’t have what to do. Our elders need to find a part for us to grow. How will a 60 years old man come to contest for councilorshp? A former Vice Chairman of council, struggling to become a supervisor in council?

“Electricity is our problem. You cannot get cool water here. There have been no light here for seven years. We believe that you will come with light.

“We request for participation of Bakassi in your government. In the past seven years, appointments have been given to the riverian area. Infantile appointments with nothing to offer in that matter”

Speaking for the women, Mrs Ikanayu, stated that “The women of Bakassi will not disappoint the Deputy Governor and her party.
Remember us in your paradise. The women of this local government are suffering. Our women can work with their hands. Empower our women to fend for themselves”.

The Christian Association of Nigeria CAN, represented by Rev Dr David Ewo, decried the abandonment of the association by this present government when he said “The church has been despised and ignored in this part of the state. It has been ignored by the government that is retiring in the next three months. As you become governor, please remember Bakassi. We lack the presence of government from the local government to the state to the federal.

“It is sad that our Chairman, Paramount Ruler, councilors are all staying in Calabar.
As you become governor, please we want our next Chairman and councilors to be people who stay with us here”.


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