When/If You Come Across Creativity, Please Do well To Applaud It, It Wouldn’t Take Anything From You – BY ODENKE-ODEMONKE IBIANG

When/if you come across creativity, please do well to applaud it, it wouldn’t take anything from you.

If someone is good, they’re good, not being appreciative of their talent doesn’t change the fact that they’re gifted in that area, everyone has an area they’ll be celebrated if they make good use of such a talent or platform including you.

I have lots of you who openly and secretly tell me “you’re doing well” in your blogging/media profession and Humanitarian services and believe me, that means a whole lot to me and I don’t take those appraisals for granted.

Appraisal is a key performance index tool used by cooperate organizations to reward, promote, recommend, encourage or even demote etc it’s workforce and for many, a good appraisal figure helps in boosting their self eficacy and raises their morale to do more.

So learn to appreciate people when they perform excellently or are good with what they do, it isn’t going to diminish your self worth.

I am Realtalkwithody
I must applaud this sculptured watermelon work.


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