As A Family Law Attorney, I Find These Three Situations Mind Boggling BY FIRST BABA ISA

As a family law attorney, you will hear things that will literally make your mind spin. At times it is the wickedness you can’t understand, other times it is the ignorance and stupidity that makes you shudder.

For me, I find these three situations mind boggling:

1. In 2023, people still conclude that once a couple is yet to have children, it’s the woman’s fault. Please, I’m not talking about some illiterate folks, I mean educated people still conclude that when a couple is struggling to have children, it’s the woman’s fault. No need for medical examinations, nothing, it’s the woman’s fault. Period. Jesus!

2. If a couple has just female children, it’s the woman’s fault. I met a husband of a client once, a PhD holder, who believes this… I explain sotay I nearly nack the man headbutt. I still see the man once in a while and I don’t greet him. I was not sent to this world to greet foolish people.

3. When a woman can’t reach orgasm, it’s the man’s fault. I think somewhere in the past, a meeting was held and someone decided to deceive men that they are solely responsible for the orgasm of women. Since then men are literally killing themselves to make women cum.

I understand and agree fully that men have a role to play in making their women cum. I mean, wait for her, understand how she responds and help her get there. If you cum in less than 2 minutes, then there is no shame in seeking counseling and help.

However, you are not solely responsible for her cumming. You should know when the problem is not you. Don’t go and die for nothing. If you hang in there for 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes and she has still not cum, you cum and go. Don’t go and die like a fool, you gallant brother.

10, 15 minutes she never cum? Where she go? And she will try to blackmail you that you didn’t make her cum, that you are not a man… Emeka, you are a man! Don’t let her blackmail you. After 15 minutes, if she doesn’t cum, it’s because she doesn’t want to, doesn’t know how to or doesn’t care.

Some women don’t care, either because they don’t know enough to care or they have been socialized to believe they shouldn’t care. Ask some of them what arouses you? What should I do to make you cum fast? Which position does the magic? She will start laughing and say “Me, I don’t know o.” You have been sexually active for 8 to 12 years and you don’t know your body enough to know what arouses you and help you cum fast? 8 to 12 years o. That’s 2 to 3 World Cup Finals! She just doesn’t care.

You will see men drinking engine oil mixed with fura and sawdust just to make someone who doesn’t care to cum. If she cares she will hustle her own cum, she will help you, she will show you the way… no go do pass yourself. No go follow cum go o.

Today is Sunday, if you like don’t go and hustle your salvation, be here reading about cum… if trumpet sound later na you know wetin you go tell God.

– By First Baba Isa (FBI)

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this article is strictly that of the author, First Baba Isa Esq, and does not represent TheLumineNews or its agent.


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