As Women Advocate For Gender Equality, They Should Also Take Up Challenges At Certain Work Careers BY ODENKE IBIANG

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Dear Woman,

Yes, we advocate for gender equality but clearly wouldn’t take up challenges at certain work careers, for some of us, applying for a company’s security job is seen as demeaning and a job “supposedly” fit only for the guys.

We clamour for equal rights and opportunities, yet would constantly stay in the dark when the lights go off, waiting for our brothers or husbands, simply cos we can’t turn on the generator at the garage, afterall it’s a man’s duty.

Our cars breakdown or we have a flat tire and oh! we fret and whimper “where’s this man” I can’t fix this damn tire, for it is not my duty but his, so we hiss and wait for his rescue then hive a sign of relieve when he fixes.

We agitate for gender inclusiveness, wishing our voices are heard, but when handed over the mic and stage, we insist it should be Mike who speaks, because to us he has a mouth with words full of wit and might.

We say it is a man’s world afterall, when clearly a man’s world is incomplete without a woman being a part of that world and life.
We forget so soon that, we’re both made to function differentially and still retain our places in society.

We magnify the glass ceilings set before us that we refuse to see the silver lining up above us.

Wake up from slumber, oh thou woman that sleepeth, for this call isn’t a call for supremacy neither is it to compete, but a call for equity and fairness.

This piece is brought to you by ©Amb.Odenke Ibiang (Rights Activist)

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