Bad Economy: Are You Seeing Wolves Or Calm? BY AGBA JALINGO


Ibn Sina, also known as “Avicenna”, is the best known persian and Islamic scholar in Medicine. His medical treatise, the ‘Canon’ was said to be the standard textbook on Medicine in the Arab world and Europe in the 17th century. He was a philosopher, physician, psychiatrist and poet.

The famous scholar once conducted a medical experiment. Avicenna put two identical lambs, both in weight and health, in two separate cages, and placed a wolf in a third. The wolf could only be seen by the lamb in the second cage and the other was placed out of sight.

Both lambs were kept under the same conditions and fed the same meals. But months later, the lamb that could see the wolf died out of sheer stress and fear, though the wolf did not physically go near or pose any threat to the lamb. The other lamb that had not seen the wolf lived on healthily and even added weight.

While one of the lambs was perceiving her condition through the cage and the care giver, the other was seeing her fears, the wolf, next to her, about to take her life. The constant visualization of the wolf which is an imminent threat to her life, diminished the quality of life of the second lamb and consequently took it.

How are you perceiving the numerous constraints and challenges you are facing right now? As a wolf waiting to devour you or through the view of your loving care giver? With the exception of politicians, almost everyone in the country is living in constant fear and internal unrest. Unrest about where the next meal or bill will come from. That is the prevailing trauma as the social media exacerbates it with fearporn and gaslighting.

You have to accept that there is actually no day, no matter how bad it promises to turn out, that will not come and go. The wolf in the next cage isn’t going to kill you. It only depends on how you view it. If a paraphilic mind views a naked body from a balcony, the physical sexual organs are immediately aroused but an artist will view same and see a perfect image that expresses the sensuality of nature. If you bump into someone you are holding malice with, there is a sudden surge of adrenaline into your blood streams that lasts until that person is out of sight, but a self-effacing person will use the opportunity for amends and protect his or her nervous system from adrenalin poisoning.

Many times, as we coddiwomple through the web of life, the challenges are the same for most of us, the difference is how we react to them individually. While some of us see wolves about to devour us, others see calm in the midst of the storm. The country is indeed very tough at the moment for most people. But we have to be tougher. The concept of mind over body is that through the power of the mind and its thoughts, whether through specific exercises or our everyday thoughts, we can make our body do things that we would otherwise view as incredibly difficult or impossible. We can defy limits imposed by our bodies. Like the two experimental lambs of Avicenna, what we decide to see in our tough moments, will eventually determine our fate. Stay strong!

Yours sincerely,
Citizen Agba Jalingo.


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