Concession of Cross River State Factories: Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again BY UMEZULIKE DESMOND-CRUZ


In his book, Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again, the legendary Playwright, Olawale Gladstone Emmanuel Rotimi, best known as Ola Rotimi, satirizes the immorality, dubiousness and double-dealing predominant in the Politics of Nigeria.

Major Rahman Taslim Lekoja-Brown, a retired army officer left his successful cocoa business to join partisan Politics. He did so, not because he loves to serve the people but because of what he has to gain: Money and Fame. He married his eldest brother’s wife and also married another woman, Liza, who was an American Catholic nurse. But when he joined partisan politics, in order to win more votes, especially from the women, Lejoka-Brown married yet another woman, Sikira, the daughter of the president of the Market women union.

Like Lejoka-Brown, our own husband of Cross River State, sees Politics as the only means of survival after leaving his businesses in Delta State to join partisan Politics. In other to achieve his aim, he entered into a holy matrimony with the people of the Northern Senatorial District. In his 4years of marriage to the North, he pamperized, mesmerized and romanticized the people of the Northern Senatorial District, that every maiden in Cross River State, saw him as the Prince charming and Mr. Right that Cross River State desired.

We ran after him and accepted his marriage proposal. 7years afterwards, our husband went mad. He has taken away everything that we once held sacred. He has stripped us of our beauty and denied us the joy of a blissful matrimony. He sold our heritage and took away our pride. He invaded our rainforest in Boki, Etung, Obubra, Akamkpa and Ikom and buried our economic trees.

He promised us heaven, but delivered hell. 7years afterwards, our husband has gone mad again. This time around, our husband has surreptitiously concessed our factories to a faceless entity without our consent. In his defense, he claimed he conducted a referendum yet none of his wives (Constituents) can attest to when and where this referendum was conducted. We heard he concessioned 38 State factories, yet we saw no advertisment on any print or electronic media, nor did we participate in the concession process.

Nevertheless, like Liza, who returned from America to discover that she was not the only woman in Lejoka-Brown’s life, and as expected from a typical western Catholic Woman, led a women liberation Movement that finally led to the booting out of Lejoka-Brown out of the National Liberation Party, we the wives of Cross River State, shall in 2023, reclaim our land and divorce our now-estranged husband. Revolution is coming!!!

We urge our husband to forgo his ill-fated ambition of returning to his first marriage, Northern Senatorial District, and save himself the unnecessary stress of contesting for the Senate, given the reality of the electoral act and the recent judgement of the Federal High Court sitting in Ebonyi State. We urge him to save himself some dignity, lest he faces the same fate that befell his friend from Yala, Dr Steve Odey.


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