Do Not Wait For Leaders, Do It Alone, Person To Person”. This is one Of My Favorite Quotes Of My Mentor Mother Theresa of Calcutta BY PETER OBELE ABUE


“Do not wait for leaders, do it alone, person to person”. This is one of my favorite quotes of my mentor Mother Theresa of Calcutta.
Person to Person has become a philosophy I have come to imbibe in my own life and it simply means; you have to value the people you live and work with; those who value and respect you and can collaborate with you to achieve goals. In the gospel, we see the person to person ideology working among the disciples of Jesus: the two disciples(Andrew and Philip) did not know Jesus until they were brought to know him by John, for it was John who pointed out: “There is the lamb of God”. Thereafter, another one; Simon was led to God by his brother Andrew, while Nathaniel finds Jesus through Philip (Read John 1: 35-42). Simon later grew to become Peter the rock (Cephas) and head of the church; Person to Person.

Another way of saying it is: do not build castles in the air. A lot of people wonder around burning bridges and depending on evil godfathers to change their fortunes, instead of combining their efforts at the local level with real people on ground to make a difference and to help themselves. The world we live in is mysterious and it is only when we learn to appreciate the ordinary people who live and work with us that miracles begin to happen. Choose your team mates carefully if you want to make it in life and avoid making enemies. Person to person is the one philosophy that can change your fortune and with God on your side all things are possible.

In the Christian circles, our goal is to decipher God’s call and answer it through commitment to working amicably with those God has placed in our cirlcle. God will not come down to dictate in black and white what his will is for you so that you can follow, but through the ordinary people you live and work with: friends, co-workers, parents, mentors, superiors, etc God can direct your future for greater things. If you don’t value the people you work with or respect them or listen to them, don’t expect God to come down and do it for you. The young Samuel was ready to learn and answer God’s call and that’s why he went to live with Eli as his mentor. It was through Eli person to person that he was able to understand how God calls people, by listening to his advice (Read 1 sam 3: 3-10, 19).

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