Excerpts From Sen. Sandy Onor’s Speech At The PDP Stakeholders Meeting Held In Transcorp Hotels, Calabar

By Modlin Odu

“Your Excellency (Sen. Liyel Imoke), Colleagues, very senior Citizens, Party Chieftains and Democratic soldiers who are veterans of many political wars. I salute all of you. From Abuja, my analysis was very clear as to the fact that there is no shaking at all.

“Across the State, we have heard reports of the resistance of those who are good people on ground, refusing to be cajoled by the evils of stomach infrastructure. Even Jesus Christ Himself said it when the devil came to tempt him in the wilderness that, “Man shall not live by bread alone”.

“You cannot come and compromise the values that all of our leaders have put together for this State. You made our State dirty, compromised all that we represent, destroyed our infrastructure and just reduced us to symbols of food on the table. Any man who does not understand that his destiny is bigger than mere food, that is, poisoned food that does not avail you the liberty to think and the capacity to invest and grow is clearly intended to make you a slave. No more,no less.

“We cannot afford to have leaders who deceive us. This movement to APC is completely personal and thoroughly selfish. Now, if you’re afraid of EFCC, you jump from PDP to APC and have your sins washed away. That is clearly the calculation and the entire nation understands it.

“The other day somebody was on T.V saying that anybody who dares him will come face to face with the arrogance of power at the centre. How can a leader speak like that? Arrogance of which power? When Power is transient. When that power will soon evaporate. When the power was given to you by the people. When it was given to you by the PDP and you turn back 24hours after defection to seize our secretariat. That is a most irresponsible act.

“Let me assure all of you that even the few that are pretending to go with him shall return to their umbrella. The party belongs to the people and they shall fundamentally hold the key to the future of the party.

“This is a democratic party and we have resolved that all the democratic processes must be followed from Wards to Chapters and to all other levels. Nobody will be denigrated or set aside.”