#FBIRandomThoughts – The Wike Alliance With CRS PDP And The APC Obscurantism


One of the weapons of politics is obscurantism and obfuscation. This is the deliberate repainting of lies to look like truth and of truth to look like lies; the doctoring of facts and midwiving of half truths. If you are not very careful, you will be profoundly misled.

For instance, take Governor Wike’s support for the PDP in Cross River State. The man is a PDP Governor, there is nothing strange in his support for his party and party members anywhere and anytime. He is showing this massive support for his party and friends in Cross River State.

We have seen him show this support in several fora. Just yesterday, he was in Calabar for the PDP Rally. The mercantile obscurantists in APC have gone into full gear trying hard to sell us a spinned yarn. They are telling the PDP to be ashamed that their support is coming from outside the state.

Ahn, ahn. Is politics no longer about building bridges and alliances? The first deployment of King Solomon’s wisdom was that he built alliances: 1 Kings 5:12 says, “The Lord gave wisdom to Solomon, just as He promised him; and there was peace between Hiram and Solomon, and the two of them made a covenant.”

I heard that Governor Ayade considers himself to be among the wisest men in the world, I don’t know about that and I won’t argue that with him or anyone; however the Governor has proven that his unique kind of wisdom doesn’t incorporate building political alliances. His political wisdom is clearly different from that of Solomon, this is why he woke up one day and found himself in the PDP Political Wilderness and had to run out of the party.

As a PDP Governor, he had no friends, refused to attend party functions or functions of the Governors Forum and he ended up with the ugly record of the being the first sitting Governor in the recent political history of Cross River State to have the party structures taken away from him while he rode alone in his long and loud convoy.

Today, he is in APC, with little or no difference: no friends, no alliances and his horde of political hallelujah boys are daring to laugh at a group of politicians building bridges and alliances. Dry joke.

Even the kings of Isreal asked fellow kings for help. 2 Chronicles 28:16 says, “At that time King Ahaz sent to the kings of Assyria for help.” Kings David, Solomon and others build alliances, asked and received help when the situation warrants it. This didn’t make them slaves to these kings. This is why the picture of master-servant or slave the APC is trying to paint between Wike and Cross River State PDP is pathetic.

But it is not just pathetic, it is irony. When Wike came to Calabar we didn’t see anyone bowing or prostrating to him; but we all remember the picture of a man who prostrated and worshipped Governor Ayade at the UJ Esuene stadium when the said man was purportedly elected the APC State Chairman. Pray, tell, which party has a god and master and which one has a friend and supporter?

Don’t let anyone fool you, building alliances is always a political masterstroke. The friendship between Governor Wike of Rivers State and the stalwarts of the PDP in Cross River State is a masterstroke. Of course, the APC knows this, that’s why they can’t sleep well. The thing dey pepper them for body.

To succeed, build alliances; at times even with enemies. The Isrealites did this. Judges 3:13 “And he gathered to himself the sons of Ammon and Amalek; and he went and defeated Israel, and they possessed the city of the palm trees.”

– By First Baba Isa (FBI)


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