Hon. Legor Idagbo Speech During The Factional Flag Off Of PDP Campaign Sounded Like An Anathema; Exposed His Total Disregards To The Sensibilities Of Our People – Jarigbe Agom

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The member representing Ogoja/Yala Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe, has described the speech made by his colleague, Rt. Hon. Legor Idagbo during the factional flag off of the campaign of Dr. Stephen Odey as an Anathema and a huge joke to our democracy.

Agom took to his verified Facebook page to respond to his colleague who decided to take a swipe on other members of the PDP especially his humble self, instead of embarking on campaigns for the PDP.

Find the complete response by Hon. Agom:

“The Factional PDP Flag Off and the Speech by Hon Legor Idagbo:

“The Speech that sounded like an Anathema, exposed his total disregards for the sensibilities of our people and makes a huge joke of our democracy. Legor and other gladiators chose to take a swipe at other members of PDP, especially my humble self, instead of embarking on campaigns for our Party. They did not Campaign against the opposition, but concentrated on parochial sentiments, that would not add value to the fortunes of the Party.

“He qualified the former Governor, Donald Duke, as a TYRANT and that his approach to governance was brutish. That was not kind to the former Gov at all. He celebrated the fact that Obi Odu and Ugba Morphy were chased out of Cross River State by Donald Duke. He assumes that Governors are invincible and other people’s lives do not matter.

“Legor Idagbo is among those who instigated the shooting and killing of our young men during the last Senate Primary Election, in Ogoja. We can clearly see that his approach is very barbaric and that’s what they mislead the Governor with.

I want to remind you that, we are in a Democracy and I am a Parliamentarian. I am not oblivious of my rights and privileges. The right to life is one of them and I can never be intimidated by mere mortals.

“You can have whatever positions, but do not forget that I am a Parliamentarian, that is also protected by the Constitution and the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“I know Legor as a Christian, but he is beginning to sound like one of those basking in the euphoria of the moment and assuming the position of super humans.

“Legor is always struggling to tell people, he is close to Gov Imoke. Who asked him? What is he struggling to correct? Conscience is an open wound and the only thing that can heal it, is the TRUTH.

“I have never used the name of Gov Imoke to Campaign. I have nothing to say about his relationship with his Successor and I will not record Gov Imoke to play for Ayade, so Ayade can trust me. I am not a meddlesome interloper.

“Legor and Ayade are Liyel’s political boys, just like me. I am not competing for closeness to Gov Imoke. As his
mentee, I will rather do things that would make him proud, just like I am doing in my Constituency(without sounding immodest).

“Legor’s Primary Election to the House of Reps in 2015 was conducted outside of his Constituency because he was not on ground with his people. It was conducted in Ogoja( my LGA) and I had to send my boys to help him. He has still not learnt his lessons. He is still looking for a Governor that will spoon feed him, like its always been.

“Legor had described Ayade as “a bull in a China shop” and we should escort him out carefully, so he doesn’t cause so much damage. My Colleagues in the National Assembly can attest, if they want to state the truth. Today, he claims to be the most loyal because he has been promised a third term to the House of Reps. God will deliver that Federal Constituency from the hands of Oppressors.

“He used the name of the Holy Ghost/in vain as he made his very demeaning speech, but may God forgive us. I would have thought that, our upbringing should manifest even in our politics, but its unfortunate that desperation has made us to let go, all our values.

“The Rt Hon Legor said, he passes through Stephen Odey, to get favors from Gov Ayade. Those favors are personal because I cannot see any Infrastructure at his instance. Does that statement not indict our highly revered Governor? Legor’s attempt at laundering the Gov’s image was counter productive. As a member of Parliament, you should have unfettered access to your Gov , if you do not belong to a Conquered Generation.

“Finally, I want to humbly appeal to Cross Riverians, especially the people of the North, to stay Civil but join this political revolution, that requires no mobilization. The facts Speak, in spite of the failed attempt at embellishment.

“A happy Sunday to you all”.

Rt Hon Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe( Rep of the Masses)


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