Is Giving Good?

Yes it is! When I go to the club, I pay an entrance fee. Some even have club membership fees, if you want to be a member.

When I go to my village meeting, I pay money for dues and donations.

In my age grade meeting, we contribute money.

In school, we pay school fees and other levies.

In our alumni associations, I gladly pay money.

In my professional associations, I pay money.

When I go to the lodge, I contribute money.

When I go to the temple, I contribute money.

When I go to the shrine, I contribute money.

When I attend trainings, seminars, workshops and masterclasses, I pay.

There are two mosques, and one Islamic children school on my street, and four churches on the same street. They do events periodically and send me envelopes and I still contribute to all of them till today, and will continue to do so.

Anytime they are holding men’s week in my wife’s church or any other activity that is pro-people, I make contributions to the church. These are just a few examples. I love giving. But there is a reason I bored you with that information.

There are none of these places where I will refrain from asking questions if it is clear that the contributions are now channeled to purposes for which they were not meant. It is like telling me not to ask questions even when I notice that the taxman is using my tax to finance his lavish lifestyle. Individuals should not be allowed to set up these places and milk people of their hard earned resources and use same to take care of only their personal lives and all we continue to say is ‘leave it to God’? That’s how society deteriorates. That’s how the cookie crumbles.

The obvious thing today about churches in particular is that, apart from the semblance of accountability demonstrated by the old orthodox and protestant Churches, most of which are owned by foreign nations/states, there is flagrant profligacy and bare-faced extortion of the people by the later days legion of scammers claiming to have been called to preach. These organizations have transformed into very powerful enclaves, emotionally blackmailing and hoodwinking people of untaxed billions and giving back tokens for validation. Some have even turned to money laundering conduits for politicians, leading opulent lives that even Christ will detest if he were still here.

Yet, they have been bred with so much haughtiness that they feel unquestionable. They have assumed the Messianic high throne that once you question any of their actions, they and their followers quickly accused you of questioning God. Which God? At what point were these human beings elevated to God? Because there is a clergy prefix attached to their names? So they are no longer servants of God but now God, whom you cannot question?

In a nutshell, giving is good. Very very good. It is a sure path to so many good things. But don’t give foolishly. Don’t give to finance people’s personal lavish lifestyles, regardless of what is attached to their names. Give to the poor who are genuinely in need in these very hard times. Above all, always ask questions about how your giving is utilized, unless you know God’s account number where you send the money to. But so long as you pay it into someone else’s account in a bank here on Earth, always ask questions. If you remove the tithes and the collections, many of these people will abandon the so called “calling” and return to their jobs.

This opinion is strictly mine!

Yours sincerely,
Citizen Agba Jalingo.

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this article is strictly that of the author, Agba Jalingo, and does not represent TheLumineNews, its agent or the organization the author works for.


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