May Prince Otu, Weather The Herculean Start… BY AGBA JALINGO

May Prince Otu, Weather The Herculean Start…

The spotlight has shifted to the Cross River State Governor-Elect already. Expectedly, Prince Otu’s residence is the new mill for those who earn a living only from government house. With only 50 days to go, the incumbent governor is spent and fizzled out and the newest hood is buzzing. That is nothing unusual afterall. It’s a political culture.

First was the group of hawks I refer to as “entitlers.” They were quick to appear around him. Like the panting of a dehydrated Deer after water, these folks looked weary and desparate to have a dip in the incoming pot. They have spent their years in power or close to power but they can’t have enough and must always be around every government in power, so they can perpetually remain in power or near power.

They feel entitled. They claim they have “suffered” so much for our State over the years, therefore, they must be allowed to continue to be the Praetorian Guards of power for us. They are still hanging around; not with ideas to move our State forward, but with pockets waiting to be filled and names pressing to get appointments.

Then there is the very nauseous group of those who are lurking around for appointments and the only reason they say they deserve the appointment is that they won their polling units for Otu. Some say because they have “crowd” in their constituencies and can mobilize for Otu. Some say because they have “suffered” for their party for years and it’s their turn to enjoy. Some say because their community has never gotten any government appointment since 1700. Some say because Prince Otu has been their friend and man Friday since 1823. Some say because even when people didn’t believe in Prince Otu’s aspiration to be Governor, they were the ones who carried him and sold him like garri to the voters and some say because it’s their turn in the zoning formula etc.

While all these considerations can rightly be aggregated for compensation, it is more necessary for Prince Otu, to look for a coterie of patriots who are going to assist him clean the mess he will meet on ground and grab a lot of quick wins, lest he loses the Herculean start. Not many of these sort of performers are keen about going to homes of those who win elections to genuflect. Yes, not many of them!

Prince Otu, has to deliberately look beyond the throng of buzzards in his abode and search for them as a primary role to help him provide overall political direction and take the necessary decisions to ensure a coherent and coordinated take off. From day one, there should be a marked departure from where we are exiting; where appointment into government office has been reduced to a laughable spectacle and a nefarious conduit. That take off speed is very crucial to determine the outlook of the journey.

Happy Easter Celebration.

Yours sincerely,
Citizen Agba Jalingo.


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