Mayotte: An Island That Lies In The Indian Ocean, Is Part And Parcel Of Our Dear Motherland – Africa BY OKOI OBONO-OBLA

A lot of us do not that there is an Island that lies in the Indian Ocean which is part and parcel of our dear Motherland-Africa.

The Island is known as Mayotte.

Unfortunately, Mayotte is an overseas department and region of France located in the Indian Ocean.

It is situated off the southeastern coast of Africa and is part of the Comoros archipelago.

Mayotte is geographically closer to Mozambique and Madagascar than it is to the mainland of Africa.

Mayotte is a melting of diverse cultures and peoples.

They are Bantu people, Malaysians who have intermarried with African Bantu people, and elements of Arabs.

The population of Mayottee is about 270,372(2019).
French colonization is one of one of the most pernicious, retrogressive, and painful.

I wonder why the United Kingdom and France would be owning territories in Africa in this modern era.

Why would international law allow colonization at this time?

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 and the African Chapter on Human and Peoples Rights, loudly proclaimed the right to self-determination of every indigenous people that have been colonized.

These two international instruments must be invoked to send both the United Kingdom and France packing out of Mayotte and St.Helena.

The decolonization process of the African continent would not be complete till St Helena and Mayotte Island become part of the African Union and sovereign countries.

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