Nigeria, What Are You Doing About It? BY AGBA JALINGO

Nigeria, What Are You Doing About It?

Nigeria is really getting tougher by the day for those who lack access to public funds, either directly or by proxy.

And there are no quick fixes around the horizon or so it appears.

The trends are clearly inviting despair but a resilient nation is absorbing the tremors and trudging on with haggled hopes.

Events continue to happen and fade away. Events that should have steered our nation to fruition.

They continue to come and go, but the nation itself is neither coming nor going.

Interestingly, even in the midst of the cavilling about hard times in the country, from the towns to our remotest hamlets, a broke citizenry is still gnashing and hewing the streets in search of a glimmer of succor.

Many have ditched their fate in the nation and have set sail yonder in pursuit of what our nation has denied them.

Though they swell in pain on those sojourns, the hope of gain sustains their toil.

But why have we not toiled gainfully in our own land?

Why has our land returned barrenness to our effort?

Why have the seeds we bury on our land refrained from springing up?

Why has our land delayed the harvest of our labor?

Why have the springs of our mountains dried up in our winter?

Why has the rain refused to fall on our vineyard?

Is it our land that has locked its womb or is it we who have planted amiss?

Has our land conspired to perpetually fling our toiling to sheol?

Are the ruins of our hopes fanning the garlands of the high and mighty?

As every new leader takes over, the country accelerates to a new level of hardship. When will this cycle be reversed?

How long does a nation take to provide security and opportunities for her citizens to thrive?

If you are a leader in whatever capacity in Nigeria, do you frankly think you have done well enough or doing well enough to create a prosperous nation?

If you are a citizen, are you satisfied in your heart that your activities are suitable and acceptable for the stability of a prosperous nation?

Just be honest!

Whatever are your own answers to these questions should be able to rattle something inside all of us. Our conscience!

Yours sincerely,
Citizen Agba Jalingo.


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