NYCN, Cross River State; A Body Of Fraud BY PHYLO MODLIN ODU


A list of requirements for consultation has surfaced online, purportedly from NYCN-CRS Consultative Heads. That list is an embodiment of disgraceful avarice, mindless exploitation, disdainful extortion and coming from a youth body, it is painful. Even a fine for the most abominable crime in a community or bride price list to marry a graduate maiden from a disobliging family in C’River State isn’t so tainted by Cupidity as compared to an ordinary NYCN election, particularly in this difficult economy.

A youth is expected to spend not less than 5 million naira for the Chairmanship position, in an election that is already compromised. Everything on this list is to be presented to each consultative body of the three Senatorial district. This is aside from LGAs, Wards consultations and individual consultations.

To continue a circus of ineptitude, incompetence and corruption, there’s an ongoing exploitation, bribery, foolish threats, character assassination, spiritual tussle, interference from politicians and so many untoward things. NYCN-CRS is like Students Union pro-max, where many have been perpetual undergraduates in the name of stakeholders, never graduating, exploiting students who seek offices in SUG. They have passed the age of youthfulness, some are nearly grandfathers, but greed and perhaps, laziness is still keeping them in NYCN.

In 2019, I was made Award planning committee Chairman out of the blues, even though I have never been a registered member or active participant of the group. I resigned shortly after. It didn’t make sense to me, the kind of cartel appointment made into subcommittees. They just wanted someone they could manipulate into generating funds for their event, and mostly, for the pockets of their so called cartel. Not long after, they had an election that was erupted by violence and unresolved controversies till date. In the style of Prof. Ayade, titles of no-value adding offices were imagined, and hundreds of youths appointed into them. What they do is to attend funerals and child dedications with their Chairman in a convoy.

There is no single achievement in the interest of C’River youths or the State that can be ascribed to NYCN. No job, no talent/craft promotion, no scholarship, no profitable empowerment. Just eye-service and sycophancy. The government they should be holding accountable and liaising with when necessary, is the same government they’re busy blackmailing themselves to, for appointments. This is the reason why many leaders do not respect the group.

NYCN has a youth parliament, with members representing every constituency in the State, just like, CRSHA. But what laws are they making and for whom? All I know about them is that some of them are just white starched-shirt wearing boys who call themselves ‘Honourable Member’. No value!

The present NYCN-CRS has a catastrophic impact on our youths who may want to seek political offices in future. It is a breeding ground for mediocre politicians, and until conscious efforts are made to resist and uproot the bad eggs and their nonsense, it will soon become a group synonymous to political nuisance.

Take a look at the list. Is NYCN a group or a cult?

Phylo Modlin Odu.


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