Respect Them: Those Girls From Poor Homes Who Jettison Transactional Sex For Legitimate Hustle! BY ADIE IKOR JR

Respect them!

Those girls from poor homes who jettison transactional sex for legitimate hustle!

It has not being easy with them.

With fine shapes and poor background

They resist taking the easy route.

Opting for legitimate hustle and decency

At a time when glamour and grandeur have taken centre stage.

A young girl, choosing to be a waiter at a hotel instead of a hooker at a motel.

Earning about 50k in a month and watching her mates earn 7x that amount in a week.

E not easy at all

Watching a friend who you shared neighbourhood in the slums, moving into the heart of town courtesy of hooking up.

Soon after she comes back with expensive toys and wears and rub them on your face

In most cases, she comes and moves her parents and sibling out of poverty into the coziness of the city. And your parents will give you that look as if to say “see your mate”

While you struggle and toil, they bubble and tour.

And they will never stop taunting you. Some would say ” There is no difference between having sex with 36 men and having sex 36 times with one man”

So they shade you for shunning transactional sex but sticking to a poor boyfriend and leaving you in deep thoughts.

Most girls will throw in the towel. Others will trudge on and on.

Then boom!!

One day you scroll through Facebook and see her wedding pix going viral in the internet. She did hook up and hooked up a rich cute guy.

You feel frustrated because you have stayed decent and true but no engagement ring in sight.

You question yourself, and your creator.

In your closet, you sob and whimper.

My dear sister,

Life no get manual

But you have earned my respect. Whatever that means.

You are a BRAVE girl.

©️Adie Ikor Jnr
✅ Pen Bandit
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