Sad Story Of The Life And HAck Journalism Of Comrade Obi Ojage BY DOMINIC Kidzu


POSTSCRIPT – I have never read any of Obi Ojage’s essays to the end.

No one who has something to do, anything, will read Obi Ojage’s lengthy, boring regrets to the end. For all his body of work is on his regrets about what ought to be that is not and where he should be that he is not, and his imagination about how lofty his brain and art are, even when the general consensus among those who know him is that he is a well managed man who is unwell.

Obi writes for a living and that should take you directly to the heart of the matter. For anyone who writes articles for and about people for a living must first relinquish his self respect and then disavow the truth, because doing otherwise would take away the bread or reduce it substantially. When you are not even a good writer in the first place, the penalty is worse. You become an intellectual dandy, a fop, living life entirely in your inevitable loaf of bread and the breathless substitute of yourself which you alone have created and which you alone can see.

Such is the story of Comrade Obi Ojage, a reptile that is neither fish
nor animal, neither APC, nor PDP, neither Ejaham nor Efik, neither Nigerian nor Camerounian. He has
created a picture of himself as a stirling intellectual, frothing at the mouth and cannot see that all the members of the community are standing at the village square pointing at him and shaking their heads in pity. Anyone who takes Obi Ojage seriously nolonger needs to take themselves seriously heretofore.

Comrade Obi Ojage took on Senator Sandy Onor yesterday when his blackmail was called off. Senator Onor had met him in his undergraduate days in the early eighties through his uncle and some kind of affinity developed. While Obi remained chained to the floor in his mother’s house in Big Quo Town socially and politically, Sandy became a local government chairman, a commissioner, a Senator and now a possible Governor. Many years ago he implored the Senator to come to his humble quarters and the Senator obliged him. After that visit the Senator was moved to place his uncle’s friend on a monthly stipend of N50,000 which he still collects till date.

But recently Obi demanded for a pay rise but was reminded that he was receiving the money gratis, since he was really not capable of doing anything for the Senator. He asked for one of the buses Governor Wike graciously gave the Senator or another car for him to use. Unfortunately, he was told that his demands could not be met at this time. Obi got angry and threatened that Senator Onor was going to hear from him. Yesterday, we all heard from him.

Last Sunday I went to buy fruits at Mobil by MCC Junction and I saw Comrade Obi Ojage trekking with a packet of biscuits in his hand which he crunched on noisily. He complained to me that “tell Sandy that he is being too arrogant and greedy “. When I reminded him that he was in APC and working for Bassey Otu, he said to me ” that one is an incurable Efik tribal jingoist who has surrounded himself with Efik people only. You people will see wonders. Just wait and see”. I could not offer him a lift him in my car because I was driving in an opposite direction, but I said a little prayer for him and drove home.

Comrade Obi Ojage is incapable of relating with people or sustaining his relationships and those are two of his many problems. When the quintessential Donald Duke made him a board member of Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) Obi went there and fought every member of the board. In fact the board had to be reconstituted, leaving Obi out before the end of its tenure. That is where the comrade would have baked his own bread and save himself from his present
‘kpenklemess’ but the black spirit following him would not give him respite.

He has abused Donald Duke too, Liyel Imoke also and Dr Pius Tawo who he claimed he grew up together with in the Cameroons, not to talk of his lawyer, Paul Erokoro (SAN). He could have been a genius if he had taken the trouble to go through school properly, but Obi does not have the patience to do anything properly. The little muses in his head remind him all the time that he is a genius and a great man, far above the mortals who hold or aspire to lofty offices today (at his expense?). The tragedy is that he listens to these mobid spirits and does their bidding. We all need to say a prayer in church today for Comrade Obi Ojage’s possible redemption even though he has strayed rather too far into the bush.

My apologies to Senator Sandy Onor for this response, because he told me clearly ” Dominic, don’t respond. Obi does not matter “.


DISCLAIMER: The opinion expressed in this article is clearly that of the author, Dominic Kidzu and does not represent the represent TheLumineNews or it staff.



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