Sandy Onor: A Tireless Champion Of The Oppressed BY ORI OWAN


A radical scholar posits that “when political elite become insensitive to the conventional forms of expression of public opinion, they make alternative expressions inevitable.” And for Edward Burke, “those who will say nothing in the face of tyranny must endure the rule of idiots.” In fact, all it takes for a nation to stagnate, retrogress or decay, is for its good people to keep quiet.

Writing about Distinguished Senator Professor Sandy Onor brings to mind the immutable words of Nelson Mandela: “When the water starts boiling, it is foolishness to turn off the heat.” The recent turn of events in Cross River State, coupled with the attendant consolidation of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), no doubt exhume the glaring truth that Senator Onor is a leading voice and champion of the oppressed and the downtrodden. Today, he stands out like a colossus. In words and deeds, he has demonstrated uncommon resilience and courage. To borrow the postulation of John Maxwell “everything rises and falls on leadership.” Consequently, a celebrated leader is invariably a hero, a voice of the voiceless, a champion of the oppressed, a dependable pillar, the hope of the common man, and the source of inspiration to the apparently frustrated and abandoned masses. In truth and spirit, that leader must be courageous and ready to make sacrifices for the survival of his people. That leader to say the least, must be ready to stand firm, call a spade, a spade, with sustained defense mechanism to protect and jealously guide against the maltreatment of his people.

That leader like the biblical Moses is a pathfinder, a trailblazer, a shining light, who has the pragmatic ability to fix an already battered system.

That tireless champion being referred to here, is a simple man, but no nonsense in disposition. He exudes the aura and charisma of a revolutionary, willing at all times to pull down obstacles and make way for the common people to live. That man, is the Ejagham-born proud son of the Central Cross River State, Senator Professor Sandy Irunandu Ojang Onor. Clearly, Senator Onor personifies the above mentioned elements and values of a true leader and champion of the oppressed. This is because his past two years in office, exemplifies beyond measure, that leadership is not about a title or about a designation. It is about work, impact, influence, and inspiration.”

Though, an incurably blind person may argue differently against his performance, it won’t change the general opinion about this astute legislator. More so, for a cynic whose level of cynicism has assumed the state of serious psychological disorder, he or she may blindly argue against empirical truth in the Central Cross River, by virtue of the tireless efforts of the people’s Senator. In the same vein, it is only a sponsored constituent, with a default mindset that will attempt to undermine Senator Onor’s achievements in the past two years.

When a performer overwhelmingly performs, the constituents should applaud, rather than vilify him, and remain prayerful to God for the blessings of good leadership. On the contrary, a society that has leadership crisis is likely to experience conflicting and dissenting opinions, especially from radical minds and citizens, who are apparently dissatisfied with the poor state of events.

The current Cross River State is a living example of a state that is maladministered, making it extremely difficult to distinguish between politics and criminality; where the economy is heading towards the intensive care unit (ICU), and poverty weaponized, in spite of what the state parades in terms of natural endowments; where the state library complex is in shambles, in spite of having two professors on the saddle; where the majority of the citizens are weeping and groaning helplessly against the evil deeds of the present leadership in Cross River. Interestingly, as a radical voice, Senator Sandy Onor would not rest on his oars, until we have a better Cross River State of his dream. This is because “all it takes for a society to decay, is for the good people there to keep quiet.” Thus, with his mesianic expeditions, coupled with his intimidating profile, prudence and probity, the time to invite Distinguished Senator Sandy Onor, with a view to redeeming Cross River State in 2023, is now.

Ori owan is a lawyer in equity.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are strictly that of Ori Owan and did not represent TheLumineNews or the organization the author works for.


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