Save Our Society Today While Contending Covid 19

By Ediomo Isung-Harmony

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, humanity has been threatened to its core. The world is on pause and the global economy has nosedived.

The Government at various levels have been putting in various measures to contend the invisible enemy. Health workers, Corporate bodies, Religious organizations, Security personnel, Individuals etc are not left out.

One of the measures adopted by the Government was the total lockdown which was declared across the States.

The pandemic which took everyone by surprise was followed by the declaration of total lockdown without adequate measures put in place to tackle its effects on the indigent.

The lockdown has brought so much hunger and hardship to people mostly in the informal sector of the economy.
These people include the petty traders, street vendors, loaders, e.t.c.

Most of our young men and women who make their livelihood through daily struggle have become stranded and cannot plan for their survival.
Even the palliatives given by the Government and those donated by Individuals still end up in the hands of the well to do, the politicians and their cronies.

Would you blame the daily income earners obeying the devil’s call as the only means to survive?
An idle man they say is the devil’s workshop and more or less now that survival is involved, everyone wants to live and deserve to live.

Some of these persons have already turned to street robbers, house breakers, scammers etc as a means to survive, therefore increasing the rate of crime and making our society unsafe.

Most of our communities which never experience criminal activities are now experiencing them.
Some of our ladies including married women have also yielded to the satanic call by seeing sex as a lucrative source of surviving during this lockdown.

Although COVID-19 is an invisible enemy which we must defeat, we should also know that putting all efforts in fighting this enemy will only make us the losers in the battle if our society is unsafe.

More action plans to feed the common Nigerian most especially in the rural areas should be put in place with a very high level of transparency.

If you were eating three times daily, there’s nothing wrong if you eat twice and save the other for your neighbor who has no food.

By doing this, our society will be saved and the battle against COVID-19 would be won.

Let’s save humanity.
Let’s save Nigeria
Let’s save our States
Let’s save our society.
Together we will defeat COVID-19.
Cheers to Victory.



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