Sen. Sandy Onor Eulogizes Late Hero Umoh Asuquo Eka, Expresses Sadness That He Passed On At A Time He Was Gaining Momentum In The Senate

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The Senator representing Cross River Central Senatorial District, Sen. Prof. Sandy Onor eulogized late Hero Umoh Asuquo Eka whose remains was laid to rest at his family compound, Nkwot Ikot Umo, Ikono local government area of Akwa Ibom State on the 29th August, 2020.

The distinguished senator described Hero Umoh as a man that honor God during his first encounter with him at his Lagos residence, when he visited.

Onor expressed grieve that the late Hero Umoh didn’t stay to see what God has in store for them. He was however consoled that he and Ogar his brother were able to convince him (late Hero Umoh) that the decision they took to join politics, despite his indifferent was the best and he had to accept them and their politics before his death.

The senator however expressed sadness that the late Umoh passed on at a time when he was gaining momentum in the senate.

Find full text of his tribute at the funeral.

Tribute to Late Hero Umoh Asuquo Eka – Senator Prof. Sandy Ojang Onor

“Brother Hero! I learnt to call you brother Hero through my friend, your brother, Ogar.

“It’s very painful for me to make this tribute, not because I do not know we would pass on, but honestly, I didn’t expect it would be this soon. And I’m very sure your family or none of us expected it would be this soon, but God knows best.

“Brother Hero! I got to know you before I met you. I got to know you through Ogar, my friend. He regaled me with stories about you: your simplicity, your viability, your being there for your friends and family sacrificially. Your house being haven for friends, family, for all and sundry. He told me about you being a great brother and a great man.

“I came to Lagos once when he was staying with you, and I saw all of these myself and I told my friend, you honour God.

“Many years after I had left the university and started doing politics and Ogar joined me in politics soon after he left the university and became councillor, he got stocked in politics with me.

“I remember that at some points, you didn’t believe that he took the right decision and you didn’t think that we meant well in all we said we did for our people. It took you a long time to believe us. But suddenly, we stocked to our guns, determined to prove to you and others that we meant well for our people and for all of us.

“Gradually, you started changing your mind and you accepted us and our politics and we are very happy for that.

“As God will have it, in spite of the vicissitudes we experienced in politics, the serial failures along the way, God uplifted us and gave us this opportunity to come to the Senate and represent our people.

“I was particularly happy because I had the opportunity to interact with you in Abuja. And a couple of times you came to me; we spoke about the present and the future, the dreams and hope for our people. The last time you visited, you spoke to me about meeting a minister for you, and I told you I wasn’t really a hustler and I didn’t like being seen in ministers’ offices. But for you and your person, I would do anything for you my big brother.

“About a week or two after that, you did something that as a family, we felt very excited about. You produced customised masks for me.  My wife was very excited when I told her, brother Hero produced some masks for us and she said, “that’s very nice of him. He’s beginning to accepting us the way we are”. Just yesterday, when I was already in the aircraft that it occurred to me, I forgot to bring those masks, to wear one in your honour and share the rest, but I would still do that.

“Brother Hero! When Ogar called me crying to say that you have passed on, I felt so sad. For me, it was like a dream broken and unfulfilled.

“Why would Brother Hero pass now when I was just beginning to gather momentum in the senate? Why couldn’t he see all of us and the great future that God has in store for us? But like I said earlier, God understands everything and so we leave it to Him.

“As we say in our past, you know you ‘re an EJAGHAM man matrilineally, and you know we as EJAGHAM people are matrilineal. That is why I would take you too seriously. Even if you were with us back home, you would be as important as anybody would be. And so, I would like to say to you, Brother Hero find rest in the bosom of Abraham till we meet to part no more”

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