Surface Intelligence And The Limit Of Excellence BY JOHN GAUL


Surface intelligence includes a shallow appreciation and understanding of arguable issues, including a preliminary, pre emptive and flash impact of what a subject matter is all about .

Surface intelligence generates from Surface understanding ,You can use it to describe a basic or cursory understanding of something, but not a thorough or deep understanding.

Intelligence can be defined as the ability to solve complex problems or make decisions with outcomes benefiting the actor, and has evolved in lifeforms to adapt to diverse environments for their survival and reproduction.

On the other hand Deep knowledge refers to a thorough and comprehensive understanding of a subject or topic. It involves not only being able to recall facts and information about the subject, but also being able to understand and apply this knowledge in a variety of contexts.

Surface learning is the more factual information or surface knowledge that is often a prerequisite for deep learning. Deep learning involves things like extending ideas, detecting patterns, applying knowledge and skills in new contexts or in creative ways, and being critical of arguments and evidence.

Surface intelligence comes from Surface learning, in Surface learning students focus on external goals such as getting a particular grade or award or pleasing or impressing someone else.

These students tend to do only what is necessary and focus more on being able to regurgitate what they have learned rather than truly understanding and absorbing the material.

One of the greatest challenge of our generation is that serious minded people who are bestowed with critical decision making process still groove with Surface intelligence.

Unfortunately, their beneficiaries are also gifted with Surface understanding.
Any society made up of surface thinkers is limited in excellence.


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