The Akpanke Foundation Empowers A Cripple With Wheel Chair, Sewing Machine And A Shop To Start Business

By Elijah Ugani

The Akpanke Foundation has come to the rescue of a cripple who despites all odds a learned a trade but could not afford a shop and a sewing machine to start up her own business.

The Founder of The Akpanke Foundation, Mr. Peter Akpanke took to his Facebook page to share his emotions when he met with the cripple.

He said “On Friday Evening, my dear Friend and Spiritual director of The Akpanke Foundation, Very Rev Fr Roger Mowang talked to me about a certain physically disabled girl who despite her situation, struggled to acquire a skill but needed basic equipments to start up.

“Since I was home, my team and I accompanied by some friends decided to Pay the said girl whom I didn’t know a surprise visit in her house. It was an unbelievable reality for this young lady, her mother and other siblings.

“I broke down in tears at some point not because I interfaced with a physically disabled person, perhaps by virtue of my chosen path of service to humanity,it has become normal that I meet this category of people every day. But yesterday’s case was particular because it gave me and almost every body who was present the opportunity to reflect and be reminded that we are who ever we are because of the grace of God. I don’t think i have been that emotional in recent times like I was yesterday.

“By the grace of God, young Agnes today now has a wheel chair, sewing machine, a shop and some Projects to start up with courtesy of The Akpanke Foundation.

“I decided to share this story to inspire those who are currently going through challenging situations and those who feel limited by the financial periscope of things in their family. Where you come from or what you are shouldn’t determine what or who you will tomorrow. Agnes would have decided to leverage on her condition by begging for arms on the street like others with similar disabilities, but she decided to confront her limitations in the battle for survival and she’s winning .

“The shoes some of us now wear in the society today once look expensive even in thoughts, but we thank God for bringing us thus far. Even if others believe in their horses and chariots, I will always hold on to the name of the Lord.

“The battle is Against poverty..
Let’s join hands in bridging the Gap…”


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