Wait! You need to make a move

By Hannah Olubode

Today, on my way to visiting a place in Akpabuyo, the rain started so I had to stay under a shield. Then I sighted a bucket placed along the roof side but the water was flowing to another spot. Patiently, I thought of what could have went wrong.

After a while, I discovered that when the rain started, the bucket was placed in the exact position where it flows to, unfortunately, the rain increased and changed its direction of flow but the bucket remained on a spot.

Relating to reality, Positioning is being available in the right place at the right time. Every individual have to learn the principle of right Positioning. Success will not jump at you, you have to position yourself rightly; leveraging on the available platforms to reach your goals.

“SHIFT” is a concept of Positioning, from the story of the bucket and the rain, the flow of the water shifted from one point to the other but the bucket remained on a spot. In life, everyone will have to identify what matters each season, moving when necessary, waiting when necessary.

The actual flow needed for it to fill up quickly wasn’t there, heavy downpour went directly to the ground and tiny drops went into the bucket, What a waste!. Do not settle for crumbles, you aren’t a dog. You deserve more and better if you Position yourself well.

Understanding time and season is a rule of Positioning. Anyone that seems to get things right must have mastered the principle that work for each season. Being wise is being positioned rightly. The wise virgin positioned themselves by being at the right place at the right time with the necessary resources.

It is essential to know that nobody is responsible for your growth and positioning. It is your responsibility to own your story. You have the strongest weapon to push yourself to the right place. Your Mind is that weapon, embrace the right mindset, position yourself from your mind, determine in your mind to work towards your goals and you will see success flow towards you. EXPLORE!!!

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