What If The Mirror Is Lying To You? BY AGBA JALINGO

What If The Mirror Is Lying To You?


The mirror has numerous uses but the most common use of a mirror is looking at it to view a reflection of our image while we are at personal grooming. So most human beings in the world including the remotest hamlets, possess mirrors. There are even other mammals that consciously enjoy and relish a reflection of their images in a mirror.

Looking at our image in a mirror swells our confidence more than a perfect description of our look by someone looking at us. We trust the image in the mirror more than the one in another’s eye. That’s because we are erroneously used to thinking we are seeing ourselves in the mirror as others see us in real life.

Human images are not exactly symmetrical and the mirror only serves the purpose of a surface for throwing back our image, being incapable of absorbing it. So our reflection from that surface has its left and right backwards. Our reflection from the mirror is inverted. Let me explain, if you stand in front of a mirror and carry up your right hand, it will appear on the left side in the mirror.

Similarly, if you open a book now, you can read the prints just perfectly? Go stand in front of a mirror while holding that same book and let the pages reflect in the mirror; then it will become difficult to read the reflection of the prints fluently. That is how your reflection looks different from you.

Technology has further empowered the will and means to tamper with reflection. With modern cameras, lenses and even AI, our reflection can be tampered with, to suit desire. These days, we hear statements like, “he or she does not look in real life like what I saw in the picture or video.”

It is congenitally desirable for most humans to see ourselves through other eyes, be it a mirror, a camera lens or a human retina. We seek perpetually to know how we look and how we are perceived by others. Our panting about external opinion of us, is compulsive. Yet, not one person who ever lived was able to behold a true reflection of his or her image. At best, we have only approximated in order to satiate an innate desire. Seeing our true reflection will remain illusory and out of grasp, not because it is not attainable but because truly truly, we all are a reflection of one God, whose image none has ever or will ever see.

In a nutshell, it is the mirrors, the lenses, the human eyes and all such surfaces that reflect us, that show us the differences, the divisions and the clefts in mankind. It is them that divide us. It is them that give us the “we and them” mentality. Yet we cannot abandon them. We cannot live without them. We cannot afford to be blind to the reflection in the mirror. No we can’t! But if only we look more keenly, we may see that the mirror has been lying to us. It has never shown us the full picture.

Yours sincerely,
Citizen Agba Jalingo.


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