Citizens Solution Message on Father’s Day, and theTest of Fatherhood.

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As a nation, we can disagree about virtually everything. But if there is one thing, we all can unanimously agree on, is the fact that as a country we are plagued with several problems. And these problems stare us all in our eye daily.

But below is what we at Citizens Solution Network think:

The challenges we face are real and surmountable, yet none of us will be able to fix the plethora of problems we faces without leading new advocacy and building new economic skill engagement centres across the state.

If people are hungry they will do everything to survive including betraying their conscience and family for meal ticket. Several fathers out there are doing their best, others are simply ruining all known effort at making this country a sane one.

But raising awareness is not enough, we must all take it from highlighting youth weakness and complaining about how kids are raised by fathers, to drafting new solution plan and encouraging development of skill centres across the nation.

The staggering statistics of unemployment and attendant social vices level within the country unequivocally suggest that, university education isn’t sufficient to address those problems, and if cares ain’t taken, our current matrix of universities may be a breeding conduit for a list of some dangerous problems we all face:

from cultism to sorting to sexual predatorism to top-management position bias against women ascension, just to mention a few.

Hence this should propel all right thinking persons with a fresh call to rethink everything by taking new protocol into contextual and conceptual national development frame work.

If youths can earn via skill and business acumen they acquire during realtime training at various economic skill centres, they will become independent from government zombie plan.

Secondly, we have to encourage more youths to join various civil society organisations to build their ideology and heighten their patriotism level to stand up against all forms of injustice and state excesses.

Let’s get to work, if anyone here is ready to lead change with selfless dedication.

We think, we should move from just talking about the problem to acting and working with new imagination while reviewing familiar possibilities.

As we mark happy Father’s Day, we all need to appreciate the fact that, a father without grounded ideology is a threat to national security and emancipatory development.

As we wish every father out there happy father’s day, there is need to call for new approach to tackling problem at family, community and national level.

You will agree that, the true test of fatherhood is the quality of youths any given society could boast of.

The time has come to ask ourselves, “What is the quality of youths our society today can boast of?”

Let the pondering be yours for the taking


Richard F Inoyo
Country Director,
Citizens Solution Network

For: Civilian Panel and Population Council.

N/B. The views expressed here are strictly that of Richard Iyono and does not represent TheLumineNews or its staff


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