Cross River APC In Urgent Need Of Peace, Unity And Healing BY DOMINIC KIDZU

The much awaited National Convention of our great party is only three days apace yet there are still too many discordant voices coming from the party in Cross River State. It is almost as if there exists a simmering underlining discontent especially amongst the old members who held sway at the party before Governor Ben Ayade’s entrance and the deluge that followed him into the party. Although the malignant grudge has remained largely understated in open spaces it has been festering threateningly on the inside and now requires an urgent and masterful political apothecary to clean, heal and bind us all together even before the epoch making event of March 26, 2022 gets underway.

Perhaps that is why in spite of the party’s attempt at consensus agreement in selecting its torchbearer for the position of National Women Leader zoned to the state, two other women went ahead to purchase forms for the contest and are even now campaigning vigorously for the same position in the Federal Capital and other states. A robust contest among the three women on the grounds of the convention will only expose the innate weakness on the part of party members from Cross River, the lack of cohesiveness thereof and show us off as an unorganised brigade of the APC army that is ill prepared for the general battle of 2023.

Fortunately for the party, both sides to the argument have a valid point to canvass and it seems to me that the loincloth is at this point only soaked with water but not burnt in the fire. The state Chairman of the party and our leaders must move swifty to listen to the complaints from both sides and offer needed assurances urgently to forestall the possible shameful debacle that looms ahead in a few days. As a party man and a statesman what is important to me is the way that my party and my state are presented and seen in the comity of other states and the respectability that should be our just trophy if we conduct our affairs positively with unity, poise and candour.

The old members of the party who unfortunately now feel that their years of labouring in the vineyard of opposition to hold the party aloft up until recently have not been rewarded and that instead of their just desserts the party has been stealthily taken away from them harbour genuine concerns and must be assured of their place and entitlement in the party and there is no better time to do so than now. The APC was formed in the first place as a bulwark against the perceived unfairness of the PDP in the distribution of advantage which drove many of its state governors and legislators to join forces with the opposition parties to form the APC. Such a party cannot now be seen as foisting injustice on its members be they old or new.

It is important for the older members of the APC in Cross River State to also note that once there is a merger or collaboration with a larger and stronger group the political equity holding must of neccesity change and the balance of advantage would at first appear to be in favour of the arriving but powerful group until a proper and deliberate redistribution is put in effect that can assuage and satisfy all contending interests. While it may appear today that the new members of the party have seized the power base, the two groups must recognise the fundamental structure of the party nationwide which has put enormous power in the hands of the Governors as leaders of the party in their various states. The way this enormous powers is deployed however would be key in building a strong and cohesive party that both the old and new members can be proud of.

Political parties are entities with a life of their own which grow and develop with time and space. Unfortunately, the APC is one of the youngest parties in the country and is still grappling with the teething challenges of stabilisation nationwide. In Cross River State the party is just taking its first few steps in governance and it will take some time for the new wine to mature in the cellar no matter that it was made from the most vintage of grapes. For the moment everything must be done by the Cross River State delegation to the National Convention to work together as a single interest so that they can bring back home the best that we deserve as a state and as a party. I have no doubt in my mind that in the coming days what appears today as differences would ultimately become the very wires that will bind us together as a solid party. For instance the position of Special Leader which was also zoned to the state has graciously been taken by someone from the old APC and I have not heard one complain from anyone from the new APC. That is the only way we can grow going forward and strengthen ourselves for the challenge of the PDP as we move closer to 2023.


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