General Władysław Franciszek Jabłonowski Played Prominent Roles And Contributed To The Development Of European Countries BY CHIEF OBONO OBLA

General Władysław Franciszek Jabłonowski: Polish General of African Descent-
It is known that a lot of people of African ancestry played prominent roles and indeed contributed to the development of European countries in variegated ways.

One such personage was Brigadier General Wladyslaw Franciszek Jablonowski (25 October 1769-29 September 1802).

His origin was shrouded.
He was the child of Maria Dralise, an English aristocrat and a known African man.

However, he was adopted by a Polish Nobleman, Konstenty Jablonowski who gave him his family name.
He attended a military academy and was commissioned as an officer in the Polish Army.

In 1799 he was made General of the Brigade of the Polish legions.
He fought in the Napoleonic wars.

He fought along the French Legionaries in Haiti deployed to fight enslaved Africans who were revolting against French oppression, enslavement, and colonialism.

General Jabolowski died on 29 September 1809 of dengue fever.
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