Sunday Musings: They Are Mendacious… BY AGBA JALINGO

Sunday Musings: They Are Mendacious…

Anyone who drives in cutting edge bullet proof automobiles with a bevy of gun wielding security and offers you prayer and totems for God’s protection, is mendacious.

Timid prayerful folks who hand their security over to the God of another tribe who defend themselves with Iron Dome, F16 Jets, Tanks and Phosphorus bombs, are themselves, very mendacious.

Anyone who invades you, conquers you, enslaves you, assimilates you, steals your GOLD and takes more than six million of you into slave labor, and pretends to show you the road to an eternal GOLD plated paradise, is mendacious.

Those who flood your continent with millions of small arms and turn around to fund NGOs and MDAs’ campaigns to mop up the small arms they dumped on you, are mendacious.

Those who told you God is male and are now working to make the same God gender neutral, never knew God in the first place. They are mendacious!

Those who told you God created us male and female and are now creating all manner of additional genders, are mendacious.

Those who condemned your tradition, called it vindictive and taught you to turn the other cheek when you are smacked but are now returning an eye for an eye, are mendacious.

Those who taught you to discard the iron teeth of chastisement of your gods that preserved your communality, and embrace their papyrus of inanities, which has enlivened us, are mendacious.

But in contemporary times, mendacity has become a well thought out model and a near best practice. So, even giving a thought to some of what I have adduced here may be viewed as mendacious. The world has incrementally grown to bedding comfort with mendacity and has adorned a garland on the same. The perquisites of stardom now lavishly include the rich garnishing of mendacious recipes with tows of applause. But in the beam of lies, it takes only a ray of illumination to pierce through the veil and vanquish the cast.

I wish you a happy Sunday and God’s blessings.

Yours sincerely,
Citizen Agba Jalingo.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are strictly that of the author, Agba Jalingo and  does not represent TheLumineNews or its agent.


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