Happy International Women’s Day To Women That Are Doing Their Best To Ensure The Bias Is Broken.

Happy International Women’s Day celebration to every woman out there who is doing so much to ensuring the bias is broken.

Today I join Nigerian women across the states and in diaspora to speak in respect to gender balance and political correctness.

Over the years women like Margaret Thatcher, Fumilayo Kuti, Margaret Ekpo and a lot of other heroeins played very sensitive roles in leadership and also fought for women emancipation, we must not allow their fight go to ruins.

Leadership failures or successes are not gender bias, men as well as women have failed and still failing in different sectors, therefore we cannot continue to fenging ignorance, we must seek for capable hands as both gender has its best foot that should have a stake in the corridors of power.
We must not continue to jettison the role of women in politics, governance and leadership.

Let’s support women and give them the chance and opportunities to bring to the table of economic development the attributes they’ve applied in home building and sustainability.

Our country will remain underdeveloped as long as we continue to underrate, undermine, relegate women and juxtapose her capabilities on the altar of Patriarchy.

We can’t win this war without you our fathers, brothers, sons, husbands, uncles etc. y’all have daughters, mothers, sisters, wives, Aunties.
Please speak with us and call the Senate to do the right thing.

Let’s break this jinx and bias together.
I am Ambassador Odenke Ibiang
House of Assembly Aspirant 2023

I Celebrate these women, they impress and inspire me to do more by their work and resilience.


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