Like Sandy Onor, Sons Of The Black Men BY SANDRA MICHAEL

Like Sandy Onor, Songs of the black men

As bright as dawn
as precious as Shawn

So thick is his hair
so lovely is his care

So gorgeous is his skin without blisters
he glitters without filters
He is the black man he has evolved

Yellow, white, or chocolate
there is nothing nicely than a black man
with deep black eyes
nose so pointed and wise

I know a black man
who would clasp our hands when danger shows up

Let the obidients and otudients
sing him praises
the mighty reclaimer is here
the star of the ejagham kingdom
the harmonizer ready to reclaim
ready to reclaim our stolen mandate
he is the people’s champion

When you look at my face
tell him that I’m visible when it matters
oh ye black men
your woman adores you
your people acknowledge you
let nothing in you rest
until you reclaim the mandate

Let the dundrun drum be displayed
without dismay and delay
nations are about to come to his rising!

Yeah he’s strong
he’s structured

He’s resilient
but he can’t accomplish it unaided

I tell you
a lot of goods come out from the ebony soul
black is an identity

By Sandra Micheal ✍️



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