Living A Successful Life


Success in life is not by shanks, it is a deliberate planning that requires lots of sacrifices anchored on self discipline, self denial and making unrelenting efforts to see to its realization. It is what you consciously plan for.

Some say they want to be an embodiment of life, some move in the direction of life, moving without bearing and course.

All round success is not professional or academic, it is not a game of shanks, you have to program a mindset to achieve an all round success.

Some may be successful in business and fail in marriage, others succeed in marriage and fail in other aspect of life. To have an encompassing all round success, you can attempt to observe the following:

1. Consciously make up your mind to be a happy man – Happiness is an ingredient to a successful life, do not allow societal issues to make you sad or withdraw your happiness, even when your superior don’t want to see you, do not allow that to take your happiness. Some people’s days of glory is near, you just need to be a little patient.

2. Be humble in everything you do – Humility is a virtue and should be extolled. No matter the situation, position acquired, the higher you become, the more humble you should be. Do not allow anything to put on you the garment of pride, for pride goes before the fall. Pride will take away from you what ordinarily belongs to you while humility will give you what you don’t deserve.

3. Be hardworking – some persons are so enticed to their comfort zones, no serious person will look for lazy people, what sustains and make you stand out among your equals is your output. Get new skills routinely, try and venture into innovative areas, try the unusual, that could be your celebration point.

4. Be honest – The quest for material acquisition and to live like others if not more has resulted in the complete absence of honesty among us. You have to make honesty your watchword, be honest to a fault.

What heaven has not given you, when you collect it by crook or by force with one hand, you will loose it with another hand.

Honesty is a long term investment, when they are looking for honest people, even your enemy will recommend you, a honest person is a bold individual. When you alter figures, you will never have peace.

5. Be holy, making Holiness your watchword – We can strive daily for Holiness, for without it, no one can see the Lord. In our efforts to be holy, God sees our heart and compliment our short comings.

In our travails and challenges, remember that you can not get testimony without writing a test.

6. Be heavenly conscious – Periodically, ask yourself, where do I go to after now, when this is done, most of these fightings, killings, man inhumanity to man we mate on ourselves daily will either be reduced or completely eradicated. If we fully rely on God, he will guarantee our success.

7. Make holidays your hobby – Many people work and pursue money without rest, the stress they undergo will kill them before their time, take some time off, don’t allow your struggle to the detriment of your health. Recreate yourself, the money you are pursuing, you only met it and you will leave it one day. You can’t finish it.
So, give yourself rest.

Wishing you a splendid day ahead and an all round success.

Elijah Ugani is a
Development/Humanitarian Consultant
Public/Motivational Speaker
Public Analyst/Commentator
He writes from Calabar.

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