My Birthday Prayer… BY AGBA JALINGO


Dear Lord,

I ask not for more light but for eyes to see the light that already exists.

I ask not for sweeter songs but for ears to hear the present melodies.

I ask not for more love but for skill to turn anger into tenderness.

I ask for no more joy but for how to feel closer to your ineffable presence.

To give others everything I already have; enthusiasm and courage.

I ask for no more gifts but for the ability to use the gifts I have already received from you.

I ask that in my sinful nature, even when I falter like I always do, I should not escape your chastisement, but I beseech thee to chastise me in love and lead me not unto destruction.

Make me a master of all fears so I can be the friend I want to be.

To convey the truth I know!

For me to love purity. To seek the good and with all my power, to raise in every soul that comes in touch with me, a spark of the same fire.

Thank you for the chance to begin another cycle. Thank you Lord for my friends and foes alike. Thank you for my family. Thank you Lord for thus far, and thank you for where I am headed.

Thank you also my friends for reading and engaging yours sincerely here all year long and ūüôŹdo have a wonderful year ahead.

Happy birthday to me!

Yours sincerely,
Citizen Agba Jalingo.


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