Senator Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe: The Personality Profiling of an Ideal Politician BY PETER AGI


A common notion in contemporary politics holds that political competition and campaigning has become increasingly personalized over time, i.e., a party’s fortune will more than ever before depend on its leading figures. Within Cross River State, Senator Agom Jarigbe Agom” is a reputable politician with humongous capacity that must not be underrated. Today the personalization of political loyalty seems to have set a stage for political alignments with respect to supporters’ loyalty.

What makes voters prefer a certain type of politician? Focus will be on the politicians’ personality traits as a useful cue for voters that can activate schematic knowledge about a politician’s political leanings and leadership styles. A case review of “The Very Distinguished Senator Jarigbe Agom”.

This has become fundamentally clear, because there seem to be a paradigm that has been defined in the ensuing political trajectory in the “Cross River North” albeit Cross RIver State. The name of “The Very Distinguished Senator Agom Jarigbe Agom” is consistently and remarkably stimulating greater political loyalties amongst his people.

Agom Jarigbe Agom has made people to ask what voters’ want from the individual rather than the political party. He has changed the narrative of political discussions and dynamics with respect to representation. Never in the history of representation have the people been so copiously impacted by any political elites like the way he has. The ideological lines of political parties have been relegated to the background and the emerging factor for election now is the compassionate and empathetic leadership of the people’s Senator.

It is now true and crystal clear that people will vote for PDP because of the personality of Jarigbe in the CR-Northern District rather than the party itself. The CR-Northern District voters are seeking ideological congruence of the party and that of the Senator. There’s no doubt that his ideological wisdom represents the desirable expectations of the will of the people. He is wearing the shoes of the electorates and knows their pains and desires.

With election campaigns becoming personalized and candidates becoming increasingly important voting cues, the people of the Northern District are continually convinced that Senator Agom Jarigbe Agom will act to protect their interests and represent them well. They believe that his conduct, so far in office protects them from unnecessary vulnerabilities. To them, he is the ideal and total politician that has made representation attractive. He possesses some exceptional leadership traits that distinguish him from other political elites. This explains why he is the most talked about politician within that political sphere.

The senator possesses the capacity for emotional stability, extraversion, openness to experience, agreeableness, conscientiousness; compassion and empathy , honesty and humility. These qualities make voters prefer him to others. Jarigbe has been tested and proven to be trusted. He is selfless. That’s why every politician in this region must identify with him to enjoy that humongous victory desirable. He is the people’s first choice and always put them first.

Jarigbe already knows what he is doing currently and what he is going to do during his term in office after 2023 (i.e., representation of policy preferences) and how he is going to do it. It is one thing sending a political neophyte into a territory that he lacks capacity to attract good things back to his people. This is not the time to do just that. Jarigbe now understands how to put items in the budget for the good of his people. His experience has proven to be valuable so far for his people.

Voters seek personality congruence with political candidates, in part through the representation of basic values and core ideological attitudes. The personality of Jarigbe certainly accommodates the interests and wishes of his people. He is preferred because he stays in touch with the people, very often appear in public and on e (social) media, rather than hermits who reign (maybe well, but) in a silent, untransparent, and isolated way. His projects are visible for all to see. Jarigbe is outgoing, sociable, and talks directly with his people. There’s indeed connection between him and the CR-Northern District people. He answers their calls and solves their problems.

Jarigbe is not known to change his opinions as the wind blows but always pushes his agenda through (despite obstacles). That means he is a trustworthy man of conviction and very firm. He is hard-working, dutiful, self–disciplined, and achieving. He is reliable, predictable, trustworthy and never engaged in fraud or corruption. His records in public service are impeccable. These are rare traits that distinguishes him from others.

Senator Jarigbe has access to a lot of information, knowledge, and an incredibly outstanding high intellectual capacity to process this information. When I personally watch him dissect issues on the floor of the senate, during political discussions on national television I get so amused and proud of his intellectual ability. His capacity for rendition, charisma, carriage, comportment, display of linguistic creativity, language concord and candor are remarkably impressive.

The people must be willing to reward the characteristics of ‘a genuine intellectual’, ‘an intellectual leader’, ‘knowledgeable’, and ‘well-informed’ . Senator meteoric rise within the intellectually engaging arena is commendable. Let’s appreciate his capacity in this regards. This guy is knowledgeable and open minded. He is a man who understands pressure yet maintains an amazing level of poise indeed balance when challenges arise.

If you deserve and desire an incredibly inspiring partnership to achieve the developmental goals for our collective interests, then you necessarily continually participate in the opportunity to make developments real. Support the ideal candidacy of Senator Agom Jarigbe Agom. He shares basic values with you.

Dr. Agi Peter


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are strictly that of the author, Peter Agi and does not represent TheLumineNews or the organization the author works for.


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