Thank You Is Not Enough Dear Agba Jalingo BY ELIJAH UGANI

By Elijah Ugani 

Today is not your birth anniversary, but I choose to use this day to celebrate what you’re and meant to me.

You berthed CrossRiverWatch and gave many of us the opportunity to expand our horizon in the online media. You gave me the platform to build myself and the opportunity for further trainings.

In addition to my dad of blessed memory who handed good moral teachings, laid the foundation of hard work, contentment, respect, humility, reverence for God and community service, you are among other persons who have had very positive impact in life.

Having worked for CrossRiverWatch for some years, I approached my boss share my thoughts of starting my personal media platform,

Without reservation, you gave me permission and encouraged me. You emphasized the need for more platforms to be operated in Cross River State, and maintained that when more online platforms, operates, no government can shut the online media out.

Even when I left and withdrew my services for CrossRiverWatch, you rather increased your mentorship.

You know I don’t intend to leave my farming anytime soon, I also do development and humanitarian work.
But I can I assure you that, my online platform and publishing pay me more at the moment.

Among the various people I have worked with, you are among the very few persons who know my true worth.
The fact that you consistently speak highly of me, gives me the moral courage that I don’t have any reason to disappoint the trust you have in me.

My brother, Inyali Peter recommended Frank Ulom to design my news platform, I thank them too

Odey Alfred modified my platform, his is highly acknowledged

All of those who have consistently supported TheLumineNews, Janet Ekpenyong Inyang Asibong Obi Joe Ability Sen Sandy Onor, Sen Jarigbe Agom Hon Peter Akpanke, Hon Martin Orim.

Capt Dr Stephen Owai appointed me Chief Press Secretary in 2007, while he served as University of Calabar Student Union Government President.

Emmanuel Umoh and Ogar Emmanuel Oko whoo served as President and Editor-In-Chief, Nigerian Union of Campus Journalists NUCJ, are not left out in this journey.

Thank you all for your support.
Like Oliver Twist, I look forward to a more robust support on the coming years.

Note: This epistle is solely on my Media work
If I don’t acknowledge you here, no that the space is not enough or that you have influenced me in a way other than the media.

Citizen Agba Jalingo, you make very good recommendations of me at any given opportunity and I know you want the best for me. Just keep calm and see God manifest himself through you in my life. It can only delay.
God willing, be rest assured that I will not disappoint the trust you have in me. So help me God, Amen.

Thank you my boss among bosses


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